Sunday, November 10, 2013

Knitting Under the Influence

The Effortless Cardigan continued to grow and become more unwieldy, but I continued to knit because I was convinced that it would look like the picture in the end.
The last step was to pick up and knit stitches for the collar.  It didn't say how many stitches, just that they be divisible by 4 for a K2, P2 rib.  So I knitted forever on 200+ stitches until had 3" of ribbing.
Good grief!  I draped the front so it looked better but this is how it would wear.  I bought the pattern and ordered the yarn after the accident and I'm blaming Vicodin for this misadventure.
This is what it looks like now.  I've already cast on for the Neckdown V Neck Shaped Cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple.  I've made it before and like to wear it.  I'll try something new another time.
I've finished a couple of other sweaters.  This is the boatneck pullover, also from Knitting Pure and Simple from Knit Picks CotLin.  It's pills a bit and is pretty messy for the first couple of  times of wash and wear, but after that it launders up nicely.  I'm thinking about ordering some of their superwash and make this just one more time.

I'm supposed to take the collar off at intervals to strengthen the muscles in my neck, but as you can see, they're pretty stiff.  I'm probably six weeks from a haircut still so we just won't talk about that.
We bought a cat tree at Costco on Friday but so far Madeline is intimidated by it.  I tied one of her toy mice to a string and attached it to the tower but she's managed to make it a game with the chair and thus avoid the tree. She's just four months old and I'm sure she's get more venturesome with experience.

Allison and Amy came out with their knitting and laughter this morning and spent a couple of hours with me.  Allison brought a bag of candy corn which tore into.  It doesn't make any sense, but that's my favorite candy.  The visit was sweet in more ways than one :)

Today is six weeks since the accident, so tomorrow we go back to town to see the neurosurgeon to find out what's what and what's going to be what.  I got my x-rays taken on Friday and we'll pick them up along with the radiologist's report on our way in.  I'm all anxious to do physical therapy, until I have to move my head.  All will be illuminated.


Maggie said...

Dear Sharon! I had no idea! I feel like a negligent friend, since I hadn't read your blog in so long, and didn't know about your accident. And I hate it when a pattern goes awry and I don't know it until the end. Very brave of you to tear it out and start over! Healing thoughts racing your way from east TN! Virtual hugs! Madeline will soon set you right, I'm sure.

danielle said...

Oh my.....I flew out here to CA in 1988 because my mom was in ICU. I needed something to do so I went to the store and bought yarn and a pattern. After I finished the sweater I then frogged it MIGHT have fit my husband but I don't think he looks good in a dusty rose color!!! LOL. We tried some games with our pup when we first got him but he was not the least bit interested in them....waited a few months and tried again and he loved them. Maybe your kitty is just a little too young yet...
Hoping you get good news from your MD tomorrow!

Nina said...

I've always thought those drapey fronted sweaters are probably well staged for photos. It's a lovely colour of yarn though and will surely be awesome in it's new incarnation.

Hermi said...

You can be proud of yourself to knit a sweater during the first month of recovery, even if it's not quite what you expected. When I had my neck in a brace, I probably just sat around doing nothing the first month.

Margreet said...

Just found out about your accident. Sorry to read about it.
Hope the healing will go well and that you will feel your old self again soon after the collar can stay off.
Lovely kitten for your birthday (we share the same birthday)

benita said...

I can't blame you for frogging it. The yarn is too pretty to go in something you won't wear.

Scott's mom got her neck brace off last month.