Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Getting Ready for Outreach

I have known since last August that our guild had a weaving outreach on March 22nd.  I wound the warp a couple weeks ago but never could seem to get around to warping the loom.  Ian set aside last Tuesday so I could use the whole day.  I've never warped this loom before and didn't want to feel hurried.  I was in town all day and it was just Maddie and me.  The problem was that it was yet another gray day and I had next to no available light.  I fought with this until Ian got home late in the afternoon.
I had him carry it downstairs - I'm still limited on how much I can lift.  It's very hard to thread Texsolv heddless in a low light situation, very hard to see.  The light from the big windows made all the difference in the world.
I could see all my mistakes, and boy howdy, there were many.
One of the beauties of this little Dorset is how small it folds up and how easy it is to carry.  Just the same, I'm unable to carry it at this time and would need to get it across a parking lot.
I have looked for rolling wheels for the past couple of weeks and have drawn a blank.  I finally decided to stop at Walmart and browse for some.  But the thought of trying to find something in Walmart made my heart quail and I kept putting it off.  Finally I stopped at our little independently owned Ace Hardware.  They had this wonderfully sturdy, little folding dolly.
And just like that I was in business.  How did our weaving outreach go last Saturday?  You can read about it here on the guild blog.
My order from Yarn Barn finally arrived and the two things that spurred this order are still back ordered.  Sigh.  Because the UKI cones are so big, I could only afford to order these five colors. The two small bright cones on the right are 8/2 bamboo, which I'm going to try as scarf weft.  The small beige cone in front is 16/2 bamboo which I will use to ply with my handspun singles.
These are the last two colorways I've blended together.  Plying with the neutral bamboo doesn't add color but keeps the yarn very light and textured.  

I've been a little busy lately. Last Friday was my first day back as a school library sub since my accident. It felt great to use my brain and skills again. I had six class visits, six storytimes plus lunchroom and crosswalk duty. They got their moneys worth out of me for sure  

Today Ian and I drove in for my six month check-up with my neurosurgeon. He did a thorough exam and pronounced me released. He clarified that my break was not a hangman's fracture but an odontoid fracture type two with screw. I was especially gratified to know that he didn't consider it to be a head injury. I see him again for the last time in six months. We went to our favorite Indian restaurant afterward for lunch to celebrate. 

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Cindie said...

I just visited your guild blog - how wonderful that the event was so well received!

Whoo Hoo on being released from the doctor! So glad you're back to weaving and spinning....