Wednesday, March 05, 2014

March Forth

Actually, it's March 5th.  I went to yoga this morning for the first time in two weeks.  I had a wonderful session and am getting that much closer to full mobility of my neck.  I stayed indoors for that two weeks and have bested the sinus infection, though I suspect a cough will hang on a bit longer.  I know tomorrow will be a rough day and I'll count on taking a muscle relaxer.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I had planned to drive to Barnes and Noble for a new world atlas when I realized that our local indie bookstore is right across the street.  After my yoga hour, I walked across the street and bought the only world atlas they had, a National Geographic Concise Atlas of the World.  My old one has a unified German, but it also has Yugoslavia and the USSR.  It's definitely time to update!
On my way home I stopped for a picture of the Shoe Tree, which is once again at about full capacity. Right about now someone will come along and clear it out.  I don't know who that "someone" is, but the tree is in California - a Californian?

I had finished weaving this yesterday, washed it and hung it to dry and fluff up.  After I got home I trimmed the fringe and pressed it on the mini mangle.
The scarves from handspun yarn are turning out better and better so that after each one I say - this is my favorite yet.  But this really is!  I love the pops of white from the undyed silk noil.
I was knitting on this scarf while Ian drove me to physical therapy and finished it quite some time ago. It's from two skeins of a cashmere blend that were gifted to me years ago.  I know I'll never wear it even though it feels heavenly.  I've decided to set it aside for that time when I'm asked to donate an item for a silent auction fund raiser.

I'm getting bold and reckless on scarves.  I spun up some hand-dyed alpaca that I got from Bhakti Banning at Spindle Camp last summer as part of a fiber exchange.  It's really hairy so I plied it with 16/2 bamboo. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Meanwhile, after all the mass of stash that Melissa left behind last August, I'm finally to the bottom of it.  This is the last 2.5 ounces and I blended up everything together.
I'm not truly completely out of stash.  She also left this 50/50 silk/wool roving.  I haven't wanted to spin it until I was sure what I wanted.  She left me another one that spun up last year and plied on itself.  The colors turned to mud and I have no idea what I'll be able to do with it.  I have clear plans for this - it's gorgeous!
Maddie finds the darndest things to crawl into.  I ran into the bedroom to grab that scarf and found her curled up inside Ian's jean for a nap.  I sure do enjoy my kitty, lucky me.

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Great pics, as always :) Glad you're getting your mobility back! Sorry I haven't stopped in lately, just haven't spent a lot of time outside my usual haunts.