Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Day in the Life

A week ago the bitterbrush hadn't bloomed.  It always comes after the desert peach, but when I walked the dogs on Tuesday, it was everywhere and it felt like it happened overnight.  The frost I feared did come.  No apples for us this year.
I couldn't resist sharing a picture of our lazy llama, laying there stuffing her face
I'm cutting it really close to getting everything done before the craft fair Wednesday.  This stack of towels has been washed once.  I need to hem them, wash them again, press them on my mangle and attach labels.
I also want to get two scarves woven from this warp, my fluffy granite look.  I need to finish weaving, twist fringe, then wash and press them.
I subbed at Elmcrest Elementary today, an older school and also from our old neighborhood in town. It's a nice school and it goes to show that neighborhoods matter.  The librarian left me a book processing project which involved a lot of standing.  I was pooped when I got home so decided to reknit a sleeve and chill out. I think it will look better after it's been finished - it's the one on the right.  I did two decreases and took it down by over 20 stitches.  I tried it on and had Ian take of picture of me in it because I could see that it's going to work.  The sweater looked good but I did not.

I'm subbing again tomorrow but the project is done and I'll have more class visits, ie., more fun.  I also have playground duty - not fun.  Plus it going to be 51 degrees so I'll have to dress accordingly.  There was a message on my phone asking me to sub for a junior high school on Monday.  There is *no* way I want to sub for those grades just six weeks from the end of the school year. I didn't return the call. The 6th graders I had today reinforced my decision.

Christina and I are planning to go back to Massachusetts in June for John's wedding.  John is my oldest grandson.  My daughter got pregnant with him when she just 15 years old and gave him up for adoption - it's a long story but I blogged about it here.  Actually, that was the post about when we first met him in 2009.  Then last March we went back to MA when his baby girl was born.  Now we're going back for the wedding.  We plan to buy our tickets on Tuesday which is when Southwest releases their specials.  I doubt there will be a special on a Reno to Hartford CT flight but you never know.


Michelle said...

WHAT?!? You don't want to take my 6th grader off my hands for a month or two?

Benita said...

I have to give you credit. Working in a school is not my idea of fun.

I am so glad you have gotten the chance to know John. What a blessing that has turned out to be.

You have been busy on the creative front. I love the bottom band of the sweater.