Monday, May 25, 2015

Point of Clarification

I thought it was ironic that the most recent issues of Time and National Geographic both had cover articles about medical marijuana at the same time my application for a medical marijuana card arrived.  And since I've received several questions I thought I'd clarify where I am in my recovery right now.

On September 29th it will be two years since I broke my neck.  I was put into physical therapy a couple months later while I was still wearing the neck brace, and I left physical in January with decreased mobility.  I tried yoga and massage therapy without change.  Last October I received a epidural cortisone shot in my neck which finally decreased the discomfort and improved my mobility - slightly.  I began acupuncture on November 4th and after weekly visits, I finally began to experience improvement, while all the time beginning each day with a microwavable heated pillow to  warm my neck muscles.

From the beginning both my GP and neurosurgeon have supported the use of medical marijuana to reduce the inflammation in my neck.  Dr Blake, the pain specialist who gave me the epidural last year, talked to me about the nature of inflamed neck muscles, saying that it's very difficult to turn that around since you really can never rest your neck.  It's not like you can take your head off.

 I purchased this cream on Etsy.  It's cannabis without THC and is made in Washington from hemp seed oil, however this small amount was $50 with shipping.  I've never smoked so that's not an option.  I tried my friend's pot Rx and experienced no relief but my lungs ached for the next week.  My docs think my best bet is an "edible" but there's a wide variety in cannabis strains and since no research has been permitted by the federal government, it's a crap shoot on how much to take - at bedtime, I'm assuming.  I'd also like to make my own topical cream.  There are recipes all over the Internet.  I've thrown away my Rx muscle relaxants because while they worked, they completely knocked me out.  Advil and ibuprofen killed my stomach.  

So that's why I'm applying for the card.  It's expensive!  I had to send a $25 check just to get the packet and have to send a $75 check when I return it.  Plus I have to visit my doctor which isn't covered by insurance, and I have to get it notarized.  And it must be renewed annually.

Ian and I jokingly call Maddie Nurse Kitty.  While I was in the hospital I asked Ian if I could have a kitty and that's how we can to have her.  She stayed right with me on the sofa for the six weeks before I was able to sleep in our bed again.
She still provides me endless amusement.  I've saved this box for her.  She's the one who turned in on its side and it's a much better fort this way.  She likes to give it a workout in the mornings and then ignores it the rest of the day.

This is what came in the box.  I'm a member of the Yarn Barn yarn club and couldn't resist this 8/2 unmercerized cotton priced at $8 a pound.
My plan is to use up my yarn ends, unifying them with these two colors. 
My plants were looking pretty peaked yesterday and since the rain has stopped, I spent the morning cleaning out beds and planting them.  They all seem to be going fine but it's the 13th and final plant that I'm worried about.  This tiny little thing inside the rabbit-guard cage is a butterfly bush that I ordered because it takes partial shade.
It's supposed to be 12' tall x 8' wide at maturity.  They warn you to give it room because it will be huge.  I can't imagine what I was thinking.  We live on the side of a mountain and the area that was cut out for the house and yard doesn't have much space left.  The plant will be fine for now but I may have to move it later.  I'm leaving for Grass Valley this morning and will be there for a couple of days, and then when I get back, we're going to Oregon for a week so I just needed to get it in the ground or lose it altogether. 

These are my most recent towels.  I'm staying with my friend Sue who has invited me to attend her guild meeting tomorrow evening and participate in a tailgate sale prior to that.  I am really looking forward to this visit and the chance with visit with friends.

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