Thursday, July 30, 2015

Stash-Buster Towels.

I saw on Iowa Weaver's blog that she was weaving stash-buster towels, trying to use up partial cones in anticipation of a move closer to grandchildren.  I thought - that's what we're doing, moving closer to grandkids!  I need to weave some of these too.  I used five pairs of colors, simply alternating dark threads on heddles 1 and 3 and light threads on 2 and 4 for an inch, and then the next inch I threaded light threads on 1 and 3 and dark threads on 2 and 4 and repeat.  My sett is 20 threads. Note to self:  pairs one and five will be next to each when repeated.
I really should have given more thought to the colors I paired and the position I placed them in.  I don't expect much from this set of towels but that's what samples are for.  I have a much better idea what I'll do on the next set.
I am much more comfortable with my warping reel and can quickly prepare a warp.  I've got this one ready to weave tomorrow and already have an idea for my next sample of four towels. After all, the towels that won the Handwoven contest were nothing more than samples.

And speaking of Handwoven, my check arrived this week.  The only thing still to come is their complementary copy of the magazine issue.

I had forgotten the early mention of prizes so was completely taken by surprise by an email I received yesterday from Kilbourne Woolens:

Hello Sharon,

We are writing to congratulate you on winning the Best Use of Color award in the Handwoven for the Home Challenge! We are happy to supply you with an array of Fibre Company Meadow yarn for your future weaving projects. You may choose 10 skeins of our Meadow yarn, our most popular yarn for handweavers, in your choice of colors. Please visit our website, here, to view your color choices, or if you prefer I can send you a color card in the mail. 

Congratulations again, and thank you for supporting Handwoven!



Michelle said...

WooHoo! Yarn shopping, here Sharon comes! I am so thrilled for you. :-)

re'New said...

Congratulations on your win! Nice to be rewarded for doing something you like to do! Have fun shopping :)

danielle said...

Woo hoo!!!!

Cindie said...

Congrats again on the article and how fun to have gotten yarn and cash for it! Have fun shopping!