Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to RePurpose a Hand Knit Sweater

Step 1:  Put the sweater on a chair and walk around it for three months until you can no longer ignore it.

Step 2:  Identify a pattern that will be a suitable replacement and without the annoying attributes of the original sweater, i.e., too large and gauge too dense.

Step 3:  Start snipping and ripping.

Step 4:  Wind onto a Knitty Knotty and tie into hanks.  This is a twitchy step because the wild and energized yarn is wild and energized.

Stage 5:  Put the hanks into the sink and given them a nice warm soak.

Stage 6:  Squeeze out the water, blot in a bath towel and hang to dry.  This will be my NCAA knitting and I'll have you know that I placed my $5 pool entry on Gonzaga for the win.  Go Zags!!

Scoff if you  must, but over 20 years ago I placed my $5 pool entry on the Arizona Sun Devils and I won.  I bought this watercolor from Jodi Rossi, author and illustrator of the children's book, Gully Washer.  (Sorry about the reflections) My scientific method was to choose the team most westerly of the two in each game which in the end came down to Arizona.  This year I picked Catholic schools.  Go Zags!  I look forward to this tournament and the connections I have to people in our pool, and yes, we go back 20 years
I know I showed this in my last post but I kept thinking about it, wanting to see it, not wanting to pay for another frame.  Last week I finally resolved this by using double-stick tape and attaching it to a framed picture already hanging in our bedroom.  It's a watercolor that belonged to Ian's dad, one that his dad really enjoyed.  After I couple of days I asked him if he noticed anything different in our bedroom.  It took him quite a while, we both laughed, and we left it there.  I call it Ginkgos in Love.

Today I hung another of my prints.  I used this frame that was upstairs, trimmed down a monotype that I like and call it Sunlight on the Bayou.  As you can see I've been bitten hard by the printmaking bug.  I'm also weaving up for storm of dishtowels for Fiber Market Day in Prineville in two weeks, same old, same old.
Point of Celebration:  Our snow is gone, melted away.  Also the construction machines that have been noisily in process behind our house are getting ready to put down pavement.  I think the end is in sight, or hearing :)


Maggie said...

I love your prints! The new framed one is so pretty.

LA said...

Yeah!!! for recycled yarn! I think we're all looking forward to Spring!