Thursday, February 15, 2018

Winter Olympics!

I finally finished these summer and winter dish towels yesterday morning.  They’re not what I had envisioned and certainly not worth the work I put into them, but at least now I can weave this draft.  Cindie Kitchens asked me if I knew that I could turn summer and winter, just like turned taquete so that it’s a single shuttle weave.  Well, now I do believe I will just have to try that out.  I think I could do multiple colors in the warp and then change each weft, probably not unlike TT.  I think it will be interesting.  But first I have to warp my workshop loom for a tartan class next month.

I’ve been looking forward to getting back to work on these, but yesterday was my colonoscopy prep day and my job became just that, prep.  I was fortunate to be the first appointment of the day so we were home by 8:45. The rest of today is all about recovery and getting rehydrated after going so long without liquids this morning, and since I didn’t get much sleep last night, I’m pooped (pun intended).  It’s a necessary evil but I’m glad it’s not an annual exam like a mammo!

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve been able to get into the studio and do any king of meaningful work, so Tuesday I went in for my volunteer shift an hour early and spent four hours making a dozen prints.  This incorporates a collage technique called Chine Colle and I am chomping at the bit for the class on this that I’m taking in two weeks.

I printed three linocut sets, one on music.

And I printed another set on Rive’s BFK, a cotton rag paper, using Chine Colle to incorporate a little color.  I am enrolled in a linocut class a month from now and I am chomping at the bit for that one too.  So much of my work these past few months has been self-discovery and exploration and I’m ready for some formal instruction.

Are you watching the Olympics?  We are!  My Olympics knitting is the twin to the sweater I knit for granddaughter Alexia at Christmas and I’m down to the last sleeve.  We’ve been selectively watching events through the NBC Sports app on the iPhone, then selecting AirPlay to the Apple TV.  Apple TV and our Smart TV are how we get our streaming content.  We’ve especially enjoyed the mixed doubles in Curling and like being able to watch the matches that interest us, especially the Canadian/French game yesterday for the gold which was fantastic.  We watched the Women’s 15 meter biathlon this afternoon, another quirky but physically challenging sport.  I expect to be wearing this sweater by the closing ceremonies!


LA said...

Loving the Olympics!!!! You've got a great start on your towel inventory!

re'New said...

I'm not a watcher of olympics... unless its equestrian :) I've stumbled upon several comments you've left on my page that I missed originally - Thanks for the encouraging words. Things seem to be on the right track -- hoping not to jinx it :)