Friday, March 23, 2018

Springing into Spring

I just realized that my favorite Blogger app is working again so I’m sneaking in a post.  The topic of our guild’s weave/study group this session is Color and this is our challenge, to be completed by November.  We are to select three colors based on the first letter of our first, middle and last name.  Each letter has four colors to choose from.

I used Google Images to select the colors from my Tencel stash.  The four cones on the left are sepia, sapphire, strawberry and salmon.  The four middle cones are apple, amethyst, amber and aqua.  The four cones on the right are cerise, cerulean, celadon and cinnamon, and I see in the preview that this app cropped the picture too.  The cinnamon doesn’t show so I guess I’ll have to go back to Microsoft and wrestle my photos out of the iCloud after all.  Oh, and we can add black and white if we want to.
And just like that the app has stopped uploading pictures, alas.  I can’t show you the photo of the three colors I’ve chosen so I will tell you that they are sepia, aqua and cinnamon.  I used the Ruby Beholder and the aqua has a value on the gray scale almost equal to black.  I’m going to weave them in the Campbell of Breadalbane tartan, but first I have to get through the Fiber Market Day show tomorrow in Prineville.  The car is loaded for an early morning drive and I’m praying that it won’t snow!


LA said...

Sounds like fun! What will you weave with your tartan?

Nina said...

I like that challenge idea. It would give lots of variation, within the set parameters. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.