Monday, September 17, 2018

Bye Bye Summer

I finished the placemats and really like them - just in time for the end of summer.  I figure we can use them for a while longer but I really want to make some in winter colors now and in just one weft color.

I’ve been nursing a neuroma in my left forefoot for the past couple of months.  Walking to Evan’s freshman football game was challenging.  I haven’t figured out why out of the blue it’s been hurting, but my walking partner Cinda hurt her hip a couple of months ago and is supposed to lay off exercise while it heals, and now it’s me.  We’ve been getting together a couple times a week for coffee and knitting.  Meanwhile I can feel my muscles atrophying.

Finally I had to throw in the towel and take myself to urgent care for a cortisone shot.  I mentioned this to Cindie Kitchens, a weaver in Grants Pass, and she said yeah, she has trouble with the balls of her feet too from all the years of mashing on the loom treadles.  She explained how she cushions her foot to alleviate that while weaving.  It wasn’t until quite a while after our convo for me to realize that my foot starting hurting right around the time I wove the placemats.  I bought a pair of Birkenstocks on Labor Day weekend and they help but then something irritates my foot again.

Today I tried several different pairs of shoes and these appear to be the winners.  I wore them to wind this sampler warp and also to weave, my first time to weave in shoes in a long long time.  I’m kinda holding my breath.

I noticed that I had no discomfort while warping for towels.

But I did after weaving. I’m feeling tentative and only wove for a little while today.  So far, so good.


Michelle said...

Sorry your foot is hurting; it's SO frustrating to be unable to keep up the activity level we KNOW we need!

LA said...

So sorry your foot is giving you trouble! But, your new towel warp is a real winner! You must be getting ready for the Fall sales! Those mats on your table will be welcome when the gray days of Winter set in....keep them close!

thistle rose weaving said...

Sorry to hear your feet are hurting. I learned from reading Laura Fry's blog that she wears ballet slippers to protect her feet while weaving. I am a devoted fan of this method of protecting a weaver's feet, it works perfectly for me.

Love the new warp colors!. Hope your foot problem resolves itself soon. Happy weaving

World of Animals, Inc. said...

We are sorry that your foot has been giving you some trouble. The placemats you made are lovely. Very colorful and still makes it feel like summer is still here. Can't wait until we see what your winter ones are going to look like. Thanks for the share. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
World of Animals

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