Monday, December 10, 2018

Some days are like that

Last weekend found our family once again standing on Wall Street for the Christmas parade.  I have visited the Columbia outlet store several times and now have adequately warm clothes to do this and enjoy myself.

The trombonist on the right is grandson Evan and the instrument is the same one my son played in high school.  I find that touching.  Tomorrow night is Evan’s high school Christmas concert and that about wraps up the year for him.  This Thursday is my final day reading to kinders through the SMART program and that wraps up the school year for me too.  My kinders have been a pleasure this year - I can understand what they say!  Sometimes I forget how young a five-year-old really is.

Saturday was about getting the tree dressed and ready for Christmas Eve company.  I don’t know why we didn’t think to put our collection of Woof-and-Poofs under the tree before but they look like they belong there.  And I still had time to do half of the Christmas cards.

I think they’re just as festive as wrapped packages, and since we stopped exchanging gifts years ago, the tree needs a little something under it - besides my cat.

Yesterday was our last play of the year at Cascade Theatre Company.  It was a radio play of A Miracle on 34th Street which we thoroughly enjoyed, but then we’ve enjoyed all their plays.  Ian and I had arrived a little early so were delighted when part of the play was watching the cast and crew get ready, as though this really were a radio broadcast, like announcing “15 minutes to air.”  They even had an Applause sign that lit up when it was time to applaud. Afterwards it was out to eat with our friends, talk about the play and laugh.

My first priority today was to finish the Christmas cards.  We’ve sent photo cards from Vistaprint for the past five years.  It’s pricey but we also enjoy receiving them.  This was a double-sided card so I used this shot I took in our front yard for the front side.

It took us FOREVER to pick the three photos for the back side, wanting them to say something about our year, and these were the winners.

There was still some time in the afternoon by the time the cards were done so I finished warping Arthur for table runners but the light was beginning to dim and since this is my first try at Overshot, I need better light, a fresher outlook and more patience because these pics need to come out.  By the time I had gotten this far I understood my mistakes, which is good sign.

I thought the light at least would be sufficient to clip the threads on the tartan scarves but it was a close call when I nearly clipped the scarf.  It’s time to let unfinshed things remain unfinished today and let them go. The scarf will be received by Christmas but the table runner won’t be ready.  Some days are like that.


LA said...

Fun holiday activities!!!! I'm so glad you are right in the thick of things!

Valerie said...

If the overshot is the only thing left undone, you are indeed and accomplished woman!!

The cat doesn't go after the dangling ornaments on the tree? Then you are also a lucky woman!

Lovely post, Sharon. Merry Christmas.