Monday, April 01, 2019

April Fools

Ian and I drove up to the fairgrounds in Redmond last Friday afternoon so I could set up my booth in advance.  On the way up we stopped at Olive Gardens for their bottomless soup and salad so it made for a little more festive event than just schlepping.  I'm very fond of Fiber Market Day because it's clearly a agricultural event, lots of breeders and lots of fleeces. We were in the Bunny Barn with doors open so it was actually warmer outside, but the open doors gave us an immediate connect with the animals outside.  They even had a guy shear three sheep.
My presentation is very simple: two tables, a coat rack and a laundry drying rack.  The coat rack is very effective in displaying my scarves and catching people's attention.  I'm lucky if I sell a scarf at an event and I sold three!
The larger table runner went quickly.  I've done well with all my table runners and will be weaving several before the next show.  I was on my feet from 9:00-4:00 and my feet are tired; I am tired.  When they asked if I was interested in a two-day show I said NO!  I really enjoy it in spite of the physical demands.  I wonder how many more years I can do this but for now I'm good.

Today is Delaney Jane's due date and I think she just pulled her first April Fools joke because she's not here yet.  I think DIL Julia only has six weeks of leave so we're expecting to watch her on Thursdays and Fridays after that, whenever that is.  I'm still ten days away from my surgery so will probably still be in a walking cast, but that shouldn't be a problem.

No word on the Bend Art Center and I'm scheduled for my usual shift tomorrow, from 10:00-2:00.  It's the volunteers who man the place and keep the doors open, but without operating money there will be no volunteers.  I sat in on several meetings and one thing is clear.  The old 501c3 is dissolved and there's not time or money to create a new one.  A core group of people willing  to finance an LLC has formed and are in daily discussions.  It's the studio with intaglio looms that is at stake for me.  Without that I can still work from home.  Meanwhile, I'll just focus on weaving and keeping up my sketchbook.
We've enjoyed so many new experiences since moving to Bend.  One that came as a total surprise was the quality of plays put on by the Cascades Theater Company.  At the recommendation of our friend Joanie, we started buying season tickets and now attend Sunday matinee performances with Joanie and her husband and another couple. The play we saw yesterday was Stupid F***ng Bird, a modern take on Anton Chekhov's play, The Seagull.  I really enjoyed it once I got past the profanity.  But then I've discovered that good plays are thought provoking and full of message.  Then afterwards we go out to eat.  A delicious afternoon, pun intended.
I managed to finish my scarf in time for the show Saturday.  I was disappointed that it didn't get much attention.  In spite of the lovely iridescence, I think the values are too close. The scarf that got attention was one I wove a couple of years ago.  A group of ladies visited it a couple of times.  On the third time they came with cash which they collected from each other to buy a birthday present for a special friend.  I thought that was touching.

I'm trying that scarf again but this time with greater value range, so the pattern can be the star.

On a completely different note, I mailed in our last car payment and boy does that feel good.


LA said...

Congratulations on a great show!!! I know what you mean...two day shows are a challenge!!!

Nina said...

You have a lovely array of items and a great display there. I've found at our guild sales that the perceived colour is what first attracts people. We get constant comments about our lack of colour but further questioning gets that they wanted bright blue or pink or black and not the colours we actually had. Pattern seems to matter much less here. It's an interesting contrast.