Monday, February 22, 2021

Waiting it out, keeping busy

 I got the warp on, and in fact, both looms are dressed right now.  Arthur is my 40" loom and he's dressed for a parallel threading workshop next month.  I still have to check it for errors but have given all my attention to this summer and winter dish towel warp.

This is the first towel using magenta and bright yellow.
This is the second one using bright yellow and lavender
This is the third one using butter yellow and rose red.  I was suddenly struck by how the pattern is being swallowed up by the color so cut the warp from the shuttles and started to unweave.  With a little time away from the loom I am starting to realize that they are all going to look pretty much the same because of the super-saturated bright yellow.  Deb Menz has said that a little yellow goes a long way, boy and howdy!
It's been a while since Delaney has used her washable marking pens so last Friday I got them out.  She has outgrown the booster seat and for this she preferred to stand at the table.
She holds all of her pens while she's using them, like an artist, so I only give her six or seven at a time.
I think she's showing remarkable control with her mark making, but we'll wait a little while before we do this again.
By the time she was done with her picture she had colored herself as well, a little on her face and the palms of both hands. It washes off quickly but it's a bit of a rodeo.
I finished this sweater for Alexia.  It's so hard to fit someone when you can't measure and try on but I think this will work.  She told me her underarm measurement was 17" which can't be right since she's a skinny 16-year-old kid so she asked her mother to measure her again and said that it's 19".  Ape arms!!  I told her to measure the the arm of the sweater I made for her, from the body to the end of the cuff.  Surprise, surprise - it's 16". I ordered a replacement sweater dryer which will be here tomorrow and will wash it when it gets here.  I expect some size change when I do that.

I had a nice surprise on my walk this morning.  The irrigation district has opened the canal for ranchers to refill their stock ponds.  During the winter it only lasts a couple of days and it brings in all the water fowl, mostly ducks.  This morning a lone goose was crying his heart out, trying to locate his misplaced family.  Hope he finds them soon as he only has a couple more days before this waterway turns back into a dry bed.

Today is February 22, 2021 and I went into quarantine March 11, 2020.  Still no shot, still no vaccine.


Michelle said...

Oh no; tell me you didn't unweave all those bright, beautiful towels! They may end up all looking the same, but then they will be a set!

I sure hope that goose's mate wasn't killed....

Nina said...

Nothing wrong with bright and cheery towels. Even if they are similar, they will be loved. I like the splashes of yellow as it makes they pattern and colours really zing.

There is also a wait for vaccines here. It is quite frustrating, especially as there is little information on when, where and how available. I am thankful we have a garden to play in until then.

karensspinzen said...

When the first picture of your weaving came up on my screen, I caught my breath. The colors are gorgeous!!!
My weaving teacher told me: pattern, color, texture. Drop one.
I wonder if color pattern and weaving pattern should be listed separately and we should "drop two".

Michelle said...

Karen's comment reminds me of an old printing company ad: "Quality, speed, price: pick any two."