Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dye day report

My early attempts to dye roving were mostly random applications of color and mooching off of other people's dyepots during dye days. Lately I've been trying to use photos and art to choose ahead of time the colors I would like to have in my finished yarn. I'm learning though that how fiber looks as dyed roving isn't necessarily how it's going to look as finished yarn, or even as knitting fabric. So much to learn.

My favorite from this dye session was the garnet and tourquoise on the top left. I selected three colors and poured them across the fiber in the dye pot, simmering for a half hour. It's looks so Southwest. It spun up more muted than I had anticipated. The blue and orange on the bottom center was applied to wet roving, rolled up in Saran and steamed for twenty minutes. Using syringes, I injected four shades of blue and spotted with orange. I'm happy with it as yarn and how I spun it, but that's the subject for another posting.


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