Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

Surely this is what Jimmy Hendrix meant when he sang, "'Scuze me while I kiss the sky." I wasn't a half mile from the house when had to stop for this. I thought it was the end of our rain but I'm happy to say I was wrong.

Lorna's Laces sock yarn is so wonderful to wear, I keep getting tripped up and buying it in the color pathways, even though I know the colors pool when they're knit. This is the third pattern I tried for this yarn. I actually finished one sock and when I pulled in on my foot, knew that I'd never wear it and pulled the yarn back out. I knitted on this yarn the whole time we were on vacation in September, so happy that I'm done doesn't described my feelings. This pattern was given to me by my co-worker/knitter friend. It's the best this yarn could do. I loved the colors in the skein but they muddied when knit up. I'm so glad they're done.

A fiber goal I had for this weekend was to finish ripping out, I mean liberating, this yarn from the back and sleeve of Ian's sweater that Buster had chewed holes in as a puppy. I have already liberated a lot of this yarn. I had used it in two projects.

Free at last, but not really. It's going to take another weekend before I get it rinsed, hung and reskeined. I have swatched the daylights out it, trying to decide what I want to knit. Then in the last Vogue knitting magazine, I found a sweater that was just the ticket. I wanted a jacket with either lapels or a cowl collar. I didn't care for their choice of yarn but I knew the pattern was what I wanted. They don't give row gauge, only pattern stitch gauge. I've written them before to register my displeasure that they only give you enough information to knit the pattern in their suggested yarn. I plugged my gauge information into my Sweater Wizard software and will be able to cross their idea into my pattern, but their attitude really gripes me. It's arrogant. I have subscribed to that magazine for 20 years and my renewal is in with the stack of bills. This time I'm not going to renew.


Tina T-P said...

Beautiful sky pictures! Good luck with your knitting project. T.

Valerie said...

I have slowly walked away from all of the knitting magazines except for IK. The internet provides much of the needed stimulation. And the lack of subscriptions allows me to peruse them at the local bookseller and choose which issues I will purchase. This year was stellar for VK...I purchased 2 issues. Haven't purchased a Knitters in years. Oh..and use those coupons that Borders, Joann's, or whoever's local to you and you get 40% off the issues you do buy.

The sky shot is lovely!

Birdsong said...

What a fabulous photo! I feel much the same as you about VK, though this year I especially enjoyed their anniversary issue. I still subscribe to IK and Spin-off, but am not always that happy with IK either.... seems like the design ideas are 'artistic' rather than people-pleasing sometimes. Good thing we know such great designers marketing their ideas through Blogland.