Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chosing Buttons

I reached the point in my sweater jacket that I needed buttons - could go no further without them. Foiled again, Batman. A run into town is a two-hour proposition. Then I remembered some buttons I had purchased at CNCH (Conference of Northern California Handweavers) that I attended at Asilomar a couple of years ago. There were few vendors, so I ended up buying oddments, like these natural-dyed tagua-nut buttons from Earth Hues. The "right" side, or the top row, just didn't seem right, but when I turned them over, I liked them much better. I'm sure I could find even better buttons, should I make it to Jimmy Beans any time soon, but I kind of like the story and I certainly enjoyed the experience of pouring over the button selection and choosing these.

I laid them out and decided that they definitely are my buttons. They are now sewn on and I am able to "try" them to keep my buttonholes true. This is my first experience with lapels so I'm expecting that to be an upcoming crisis. I have a ways to go before I find out - at least two sleeves worth of time.

With the able assistance of my step-daughter, Little Sharon (I'm Big Sharon and it's far better than Old Sharon - Young Sharon, Fat Sharon - Thin Sharon, you get my point), I was finally able to get images from my Etsy store to show up on my blog. I spent the better part of this evening getting soap sales listed. Etsy sales are for one item, so I'm not quite sure how to go from selling one bar of soap to selling the hundreds of bars that I have curing. But for today, I've had enough Etsy.


Jodi said...

The buttons look great! I like the color of the sweater.

My mom put her foot down on the Big Sally / Little Sally (my cousin) suggestion. So Mom's Sally, and my cousin goes by Sally Ann ( first and middle names).

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

In my family, I'm Amy (since I had the name first) and my niece is AmyD.

Birdsong said...

Wow, the color match couldn't be better if you had a whole store to choose from! I'm with you, the story is worth extra points anyway:)