Friday, December 12, 2008

What's under the Tree?

We cut a tree that is too tall. Our tree topper is our ceiling. I don't care because every ornament on here is a memory so it's beautiful to me. This year I put our Woof 'n Poofs around the bottom. We have a small collection and not much space for display. Since we don't have presents any more, I thought this was the right place for them.

Each Santa has a music box and Grandson Kiernan thinks it would be cool to wind and play them all at once. He's nine.

Ian's brother loved at and laughed at their faces. This is one of their typical lively expressions.
Wait a cotton-pickin' moment - what's with that Santa in the back - he's orange. Christmas is red. This is an unauthor-
ized Santa. Alert, alert. There is an unauthorized orange Santa lurking amongst the legitimate Woof n' Poof Santas.
Charlie takes exception - this is his house and these things are all intruders. He is the authorized one, all eight pounds of him. Poor little boy - this tree is all the outdoors he's going to get.


Catzee said...

Ooooo, I luv yur tree! Does Charlie get to climb it???? An' batt all the kitty toys off it?

bspinner said...

Great idea!!!! My tree looks a little bare without presents too. Think I'll borrow your idea and find something stuffed to put under it.

Mim said...

I love the santa's the orange one too. Now I need to get my tree up!

Birdsong said...

Charlie must really feel at home when the other furbies come out!

MiniKat said...

I love the solution to no presents under th tree. I might do that after Christmas Day to keep it from looking bare until the traditional twelve days have passed and I pack it all away.

Charlie is too adorable! I think he fits right in with the other poofy things. after all, his poofiness is well groomed and looks handsome in the photos. :-)