Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Firecracker Day

Amy pulled her little vintage 1953 trailer out here to spend the 4th of July weekend. We've camped together many times and this was a little quiet in-house camping trip.
She recently had the trailer renovated. Much of the interior space is wood-
burned and decorated by her. She also burned her Sisters-on-the-Fly membership into a plaque.

We spent much of the time on the front porch, with the water fountains plugged in, accompanied by birds singing songs of love.

Our temp-
eratures are still abnorm-
ally low. Amy is knitting to a deadline. This is a log cabin lap blanket for her nephew's wedding next month. The white is from our wether Robbie, very cool.
I'm knitting to a deadline of sorts myself. Diane asked me in May if I'd knit for her. She emailed me the pattern but I've been slow to get the yarn. I'm on it now and will use it for my trip knitting when I go back to Oregon the day after tomorrow. It's kind of weird to knit a sweater without a picture, only directions.

We went over to Mim's at dusk. Her ewes and lambs don't come back to the barn until sunset. They were still up at the top pasture so we visited "the boys." This is Duncan, her ram. Check out those horns! Four of her beautiful boys are already purchased for freezer lambs, sigh.
And here come the flock, running back in for all they're worth. A lamb came in early, got separated and is over on the right, bleating his heart out for his mother, who is calling out for him in return. All in a days work for Mim. It's kinda sad and sweet at the same time.
Mijo, Mr. Person-
ality, is getting bigger, but he's still not old enough to come live with us. He's posing for us with his mom and sister. Goofy. You can see why Mim is attached to him.
Man, Mim has a lot of sheep, which translates into a lot of fleeces to be skirted. Wait. Do you see that goat?! A goat with no ears. I'm confused. Why make goats with no ears?
We didn't have fireworks for our July 4th, just this firecracker of a sunset. It was a real popper.

The color was so over-
whelming that we had a double sunset, of sorts.


Marion B. said...

What a beautiful sunset! and a little sad story about the lamb. When you write freezer lambs you mean; dead, deepfreezer, yummie? It sounds so cruel but.......

Yesterday we (The Netherlands) won the semi final soccer, so next sunday we play the final! against Germany or Spain. Everyone hopes for Germany because they are our ever soccer enemy LOL. but just because of the same reason I hope it will be Spain. If we become world champion..... it's a nice birtday present.

Theresa said...

What a lovely weekend! The sunset is amazing. Wait, wait, we're sending you the heat...here take it, take it ALL!

LA said...

Isn't it great to spend time with friends! And she brought her own bed, too! I know you two had a lovely time together.

re'New said...

I so want a camper like that! It would be fun to decorate it with a theme...

Michelle said...

I love those double sunsets, west and east. Are you going to Bend? Woodland Woolworks has moved, you know. I think you need to come through to look at their new digs. We could meet for another hug!

bspinner said...

Cutest little camper I've ever seen.

Good friends, family and a beautiful sunset. Doesn't get any better. Great photos.