Friday, July 02, 2010

Mim's Emus

I had planned to go over to Mim's after lunch today but that darned Uruguay and Ghana soccer match went into over time. I realized I couldn't finish the game, catch the mail lady and visit Mim. I missed the end of the match and the mail lady, which means I had to drive the 30 minute round trip to the post office in Doyle. Mim was changing water when I finally got there and her pair of emus were enjoying the overflow from their water tank.
Mim said they make her think of prehensile creatures. Their the legs and claws make me think reptilian. She said they have teeny short wings with a claw on the end. You know this is an animal that didn't get on the right evolution track. She's had this pair for 15 years and they're supposed to productive layers for 30 years.

Here's a short video of emus enjoying a water bath. Who knew these dinosaur-looking creatures love to wallow as much as pigs!


LA said...

They shake off like dogs!!!! Who knew?

Life Looms Large said...

They're cool! I had no idea they'd live for so long!!

Bailey needs lessons from them. The vernal pools in the woods are drying up, so he's often left with little water for cooling down. We tried to get him to lie in a stream the other day and he just looked at us like we were crazy! Maybe I can get him to watch this video!


Theresa said...

I guess the design has been pretty successful, just like crocs and alligators. Don't fix it if it ain't broke. :)
There is an emu farm down in the valley, one day coming through one part of the national forest we saw an escapee. Wonder how it's faired?

Nina said...

They do have a bit of dinosaur in them.. what funny creatures!

Laura said...

You know I love birds, and if I could justify it (and had the time and space...), I'd get some emu too.

They are more prehistoric looking than most birds, but my turkeys are pretty close right now!

Benita said...

Scott and I have been watching the British Walking with the Dinosaurs series and they would fit right in.

So, how big are the eggs?

Leigh said...

The emus are so neat! I've never actually seen them in action before. Very entertaining!