Monday, November 07, 2011

Miss Millie is Nekkid

I didn't realize how long that dummy warp had been on her, but when I was removing everything, I realized that I had tied on a couple of times and had three sets of knots. No wonder the tension was interesting. I now have a blank canvas, so to speak.
And I have a roll of placemats to be washed, dried and cut apart. They're so stiff at this point that it's like trying to stuff corrugated cardboard into the washing machine.

These are the additional sets that I just finished and will be taking to the Artists Coop on Wednesday for the Christmas Sale.
I'm also taking hats. I needed a basket to told them but since I'm not going into town in time to buy one, I made a "basket" out of a Trader Joe's paper sack. How's that for recycling?
I have been wracking my brain for labels. Each item has to be clearly tagged with our name, specific information, a number and price. I drove in yesterday for church and my swim and then raced home for a memorial service, but grabbed these industrial manilla labels on my way out of town.

I ordered the white sticky-back labels a couple of years ago for my soap and was terribly disappointed when they arrived on stark white background. I had failed to note sepia for the ground so haven't been able to use them until now. It's a waste of most of the label, but it does give me a label with my name and there's room on the back for the rest of the information. Everything is ready and I am relieved.
Our protracted Indian summer has passed and winter is upon us again, with a low tonight of 22 predicted and a high of 44 for tomorrow. It's time to break out the woolies.


Marion B. said...

You've been busy!

Theresa said...

Great looking mats and hats! What a warm and inviting space yours will be!
As to weather, it certainly looks like someone flipped the switch for sure.

Benita said...

Pretty hats! I love the colors in the one on the left.

So, how long will that loom remain unwarped?

Valerie said...

Wow...that's a lot of work in those photo's. The mats look lovely and the hats are there just in time for winter!

Hope the sale is a good one for you!

Cindie said...

your hats look great on those stands - those balls really fill out the hats - great idea! And I love the TJ's bag. There's a shop on the coast that uses grocery bagas with handles for their store bags - she turns them inside out, flattens the side gussets out, puts one in the bottom and stitches them on the machine, stencils the store name on the side - recyled bags are a good thing!

Wool Enough said...

Your placemats are gorgeous. Wish I could reach through the screen and grab a few. Every time I go to a local craft fair I'm on the lookout for handwoven placemats, but never find any. We seem to have lots of artists, potters, purse-makers, jewelers,knitters, spinners, etc. but few weavers.

Robin said...

Everything looks great! Good luck on your sales!

Nina said...

I love the paper bag basket idea. It works, was the right price and as a bonus, it looks good too. The labels have ended up looking quite professional. We've had a few cool days, but today it's 17C or 62F. Amazing for this time of year. Of course by Friday they are actually calling for snow and cold temperatures again. I'm not looking forward to that.

Kathy said...


I wish I had a tenth of your energy, Sharon!