Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Perfect Day to Weave - Tomorrow

Yesterday I decided to dye another bit of roving, this time using my pin-drafted Shetland in the lasagna pan in the oven. The dyes did not separate and I was very disappointed. I'll use the cold pour, steam method in the future. It did felt slightly, but it could have been worse.
Do you like this placemat? I love it and did this much yesterday. When I went upstairs to finish it this morning, I discovered that I had mislaid my pinwheels. After tearing the house apart for over an hour, I had the sickening realization that all that work was lost and for a moment, I was so nauseous , I thought I would throw up. I had to unweave it and I'll just have to use these in a rug.
I ended up selecting colors and cutting strips for two more sets of placemats instead. It was pretty brutal, but I'll be close to back to my deadline of Wednesday.
I got the strips sewn for the third set and wound them this evening. I'll be happy to get back to weaving tomorrow. This whole thing threw me for a loop. One day I'll find the place I mindlessly placed my strips and I hope I'll be able to laugh. Either that, or they're on their way to the landfill.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to say that it just started snowing about an hour ago. We've had the worst allergy season this fall, with massive drooping seed heads on the sagebrush. The dogs have been wheezing and we're all sneezing. Snow is the perfect solution - put those pollens to bed. It will make a perfect day to weave tomorrow.


LA said...

That's a panic moment for sure! I'm positive the wee folk will return them soon. In the meantime, you've got a lovely set of fabrics lined up for the next set.

Valerie said...

MMm....those new ones look like Christmas colors.

And a return to one of my childhood profundities: Why are lost things always in the last place you could possibly look?

Clearly, there's another possible place? Did a pet 'help'?

Benita said...

How frustrating! I hate it when I do that - usually with my keys - and it really can mess up the entire day. When you do find the pinwheels, you'll either think "How in heck did they get there?" or "Oh, yeah... I remember now."

On the Other hand, I love those pinks and purples together and can't wait to see them woven.

Robin said...

You make me want to get another loom. If only I could twitch my nose and get it warped! Love all you weaving projects!

Nina said...

It was a lovely placemat. It sure can be frustrating to put things away in safe places. I do love the new sets of colours you chose though. Very pretty combos.
I'm totally not ready for snow yet though.