Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting It Done

I crawled out of bed this morning with the realization that I had to make yet another batch of soap. I swear the part I dislike the most is making the origami paper liner for the mold. I intensely abhor that task, so once the liner is in the box, the rest is all downhill.
I hate making soap in the winter because it's cold in the garage and that's where I store my soap oils. The garage thermometer today read 40 degrees, not quite freezing, but the oils were solid. I had to cut them in order to weight them, so the pot I put on the stove looked like this. That's oil you're looking at. I made Nevada Bar today and it smells fantastic in our kitchen.
After the soap was put to rest, I went back upstairs to play more with my sample warp. I had quite a lot left so decided to pull out Anne Dixon's book and see what I could get from my twill threading in a direct tie-up and 1/3 twill. Nothing looked like her book, it all looked like rosepath. I pulled out my workshop notes and saw that the threading was for rosepath. Doh.

So I decided to get silly. I treadled right side up, upside down and you know - it does make a difference. You have to look close. The bottom of the sample actually is different than the top.
This was so much fun. I had planned two more samplers before allowing myself the fun of dish towels, but I'm not sure I can wait for two more samplers. Stupid addictive hobby.
Complicating things, i.e., my interests - Benita just sent me another box of her reassigned cottons. I have wanted to replace my first rag rug which was too loosely sett, Lautrec - sorry - I couldn't help myself. It was woven in twill, an unfortunate learning experience. I'd like to have that on the floor by Christmas Eve. I am a champ at setting unrealistic goals. I can do it. More to follow.

The placemats were another unfortunate experiment, though I have sold some. People apparently don't sit at a table to dine. I've been emailed for kitchen sized rag rugs. I seemed to have missed the cue. I'll give those a go in the new year. There's a whole new realm of craft fairs in the horizon.

I am a complete flash mob junkie so will leave you with this:


Maggie said...

Stupid addictive hobby! Ha! Which one??? I love the flash mob!

LA said...

The flash mob was fun!!! Thanks for sharing. Just weave what you love...from what I understand, some things sell well one year, and not the next.

Theresa said...

LOL! oh yes, we know all about the hobby addictions!
As LA said, weave what you love that's the surest way to keep it fun and interesting.

Cindie said...

I love the flash mob too!

Hmm, could you bribe a grandchild to make those paper liners for soap making???

Wool Enough said...

Me too! I just love flash mobs. And, sadly, although I have seen a bazillion videos, I have never seen one live.

Hilary said...

I LOVE rosepath!!!!

Dani Pace said...

the flash mob was in my home town

Tina T-P said...

The Flash Mob was cool - I love that song! T.

Marion B. said...

As Maggie wrote 'which one' hihi.
I wish I could smell that soap, but the pictures and your stories are lovely too.

Benita said...

That flash mob was terrific! What a wonderful thing to do.

I can hardly wait to see the rugs you are going to weave.