Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fixing to Get Ready Again

Saturday morning was normal in every way. Sammie and Charlie were sharing the coveted space in front of the woodstove. I rolled up my sleeves mid-morning and went to work, starting with some laundry, and alternating kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Suddenly it became apparent that Charlie was distressed by urinary tract problems, not his first time.

I called our vet, who recommended a large clinic. I took a quick shower and drove off with Charlie. I played the music pretty loud in the car and he was really quiet, enough to scare me. Like, was he dead? I'm not sure what role the loud music played, but he was the best kitty in the clinic - not one yowl. Sammie was so happy to see his best friend when we got home. It turns out that he had been so afraid of our company that he stayed in his hiding places and didn't drink enough water.

After I got home, Laura called from San Diego. Could she spend the night on Sunday, en route back to Oregon? Of course! I had a craft fair that day so was in bed by the time she arrived. I couldn't stand it - had to get up and visit a minute.
We did a quick visit in the morning. This is the scarf she just wove after not weaving for seven years. She was my weaving guru and so it's good to see she's back in the saddle. I'm just happy to have the visit - it's like having your sister drop in. She is always full of ideas. We shopped for cotton online. I showed her the dye journal I'm keeping and she suggested I change from a 1% stock solution to a 3% solution, and then showed me why. She's right. She tells me she's always right.
I finally finished getting our Christmas decora-
tions up today and the boxes are back in the garage. I had a couple of new memories to hang this year, including an airbrushed starfish that we got in Astoria while visiting my SIL Georg in September.

The fun surprise was the red chilies that I had dried from our CSA basket, because I just had no idea how to cook them. They are really pretty, especially in the afternoon light.

Charlie has selected an ornament/toy already. It's a felted ball that Amy made a number of years ago. Charlie loves it!


Michelle said...

The thing I love most about Laura is that she is so modest - hee!

Maggie said...

I'm glad Charlie is better!

Theresa said...

Oh poor Charlie! I know they have a number of foods on the market now that target that common problem with neutered male cats, not just Hills.
That tree looks like it has some incredible memories hanging on it!

LA said...

Poor Charlie! Not a peep in the car??? He wasn't feeling very good, was he! I'm just glad he's back to playing with the ornaments! So glad your fiber friend could visit!

Benita said...

Poor Charlie - how uncomfortable he must have been.

Did you weave that rug?

Valerie said...

Looks like Charlie is feeling better!'ve been busy!

Jodi said...

Oh, how scary. I hope that Charlie's on the mend.

I'm impressed all your holiday decor is out! We have a pile of Christmas boxes in our dining room that I need to tackle this weekend.

The woven scarf is so pretty!

Laura said...

I so did not say that I'm always right... but I usually am!!

It was fun to see you, and all your craft fair stuff. I have the opportunity to take stuff to the holiday fair in Madras on the 10th - I better get crackin'.

I'm farm sitting, but brought the little loom with me, all my yarn, and the warping reel. I'm warping another scarf today (and probably weaving it offf).

Hilary said...

My Kizzy almost died with that same problem a couple of years ago....scary. Now I feed all four of them the Royal Canin Urinary SO....expensive, but he hasn't had a problem since....and I have water all over....seems cats like to have water to drink in unexpected places.
LOVE the scarf.