Sunday, December 29, 2013

Getting Back on Track.

I finished Alexia's scarf and brought it downstairs, intending to go back up and work some more on my warp.  I put the scarf on the back of a chair and told Ian I was going to give it to Alexia on Christmas Eve.  He said, you mean tonight?  I said no - Christmas Eve.  That's tonight he said.  Good grief!  What I needed to do was get ready for our open house.  So this is Christmas Eve and Alexia loves her new scarf.

And now with a little attitude

She's discovered reading and is reading way ahead of her grade so I selected eight books that I was confident she would enjoy like Julie of the Wolves, Island of the Blue Dolphin - like that.  This book is special because the author is someone we know, and in fact, is the person who introduced us to the parents who adopted my grandson twenty some years ago.  Lexi started the book right away and was on chapter seven when they left.
Alexia got an iPad Mini for Christmas and has been texting me and her mommy - a lot.  This is the message Christina got on her phone at work the day after Christmas.  Talk about book endorsement!
I finished the sweater that I tore out and reknit from Knit Picks Wool/Alpaca yarn.
I had a lot of yarn - the first pattern was huge and sloppy - so I just kept knitting and I like this length. I've wondered if I need to continue physical therapy after this week but seeing these photos tells me - yes I do!

I've been feeling sad these past couple of days because ordinarily we would already in SoCal to ring in the new year with family and friends down there.  So when son Matt and Julia, at the back of the table, spontaneously drove down from Bend yesterday I was delighted.  We arranged to have lunch today along with Lexi and her parents.  They drive back up to Oregon in the morning and I check in at the Ambulatory Surgery Center.
This is the warp I was working on.  I did manage to get it sleyed and threaded but that's it for weaving in 2013.  I've heaped it up on top to keep the warp chains away from Maddy.  She doesn't know how to jump up here yet, but I know that's not going to last for much longer.  It's going to be waiting for me as a first project in 2014.  

I look forward to next week.  My broken nose will be repaired, I'm now driving so able to take myself to physical therapy and best of all, I'm having lunch with girlfriends next week.  Never take anything for granted!


Maggie said...

Happy New Year, Sharon! So glad you're feeling better! That Alexia is beautiful, wrapped in her new scarf. Wishing you a healthy new year!

Michelle said...

What good kids you have to bring some family togetherness to YOU! Love Lexi's reading passion; cannot IMAGINE turning Brian loose with a texting gizmo!!!

Cindie said...

That Alexia is quite the model.

Love your sweater!

The best to you in 2014 - it's going to be a great year for you!