Monday, January 06, 2014

Back in the Saddle

The surgery Monday went off without a hitch and I had the stints removed from my nose on Thursday.  How he got those 3" pieces into my nose and stitched them there defies logic.  I was so anxious to move on and leave 2013 in the dust that I stopped the Vicodin cold turkey after taking it before bedtime, ever since I got home from the hospital.  I've lost my appetite and consequently weight since my fall, but I wasn't prepared for the nausea that came with the withdrawals.  It's behind me now and I'm hoping to relish eating soon.  Ian bought pizza for the San Francisco 49ers game yesterday and I fought him for the last piece.  In the past I could only eat one piece.
I had a setback in my car knitting.and I did it right at the start.  I'm just about at the same point having ripped and reknit but now I'm released to drive myself to physical therapy.  Also, I've decided to end my sessions tomorrow.  I've reintroduced yoga into my day to increase flexibility in my neck and it doesn't cost me a thing!
I've also gone back to my morning routine of spinning and coffee with my SAD light for a half hour.  Maddie has discovered that she can create action on my wheel by playing with the treadles.  She's such a helper.
After walking the dogs this morning, I went back upstairs to finish weaving this towel.  I figured I'd correct the error in between towels and start the next one.  The third stripe from the right is too narrow.  I posted this picture of a Facebook group called 4-Shaft Weaving when I realized that what I had done was put four threads in one dent instead of two.  The consensus of the advice was to cut it off, resley, tie back on and then weave the next eight towels.
My biggest problem with Maddie in the studio is that she chews on my packing material, which in this case is contractor's paper.  She can ruin it in no time at all so I have a squirt bottle to discourage her from doing that.  She got pretty wet today.
I really needed to have a positive weaving experience
so I put this slubby rayon warp on Maudie Mae and sampled it with 8/2 pink tencel.  I've worried for close to year about using art yarn as warp.  One way or the other, now I'll know.
I'm using a wide open weave so the scarf is all about the warp.  I wanted so much to keep going but I'd been at it for almot three hours - time to stop.
I took one last look at the towel and realized that there's also a threading error close to the left selvedge.  If you click for big, you'll see the sliver of orange.  I know what I'll be doing on Wednesday.
I selected the colors and wound the warp last September.  At the time I thought they looked like fiesta colors but now I'm not so sure.
All in all, it was a productive day in the studio.  Maddie and I are satisfied and tired.


Cindie said...

It's good to hear you getting back to normal. Boy, tough way to lose weight!

benita said...

I cannot tell you how good it is to see you back to weaving and making pretty things.

May 2014 be a terrific year!