Friday, February 14, 2014

Stuck on Scarves

I finished spinning up the black and white fiber that I blended together and showed in this post.  I experimented and plied one skein with 60/2 silk and the other with 16/2 bamboo.  The bamboo was by far more stable.  I had four broken warps with the silk and while I'll use silk again, I'll make sure I get a lot more twist in the ply.
This scarf is much different than the others I've woven so far and I love it.  It's only 4 ounces and drapes really well.  It's warm and not scratchy at all.  I think I'm going to stop worrying about the itch factor.
I've left all my carding stuff in the dining room for the past couple of months but our kids are coming up from San Francisco for the three day weekend.  We're going to need the dining room to eat in!  I blended up another batch of the black and white and then put this mix together.  Melissa left me a lot of stash last August but I'm coming to and end of that supply.
I had planned to add silk, bamboo, mohair locks and dyed silk noil but at the last second decided to just use undyed soil noil.  I really like how those white slubs pop in contrast.  I talked to Melissa yesterday. She's trying to nail down a date when she can come up for a play date this spring.  She said that a friend had cleaned out her stash and left something like nine garbage bags in her backyard.  She's bringing some of this loot to split -\Christmas!!
Maddie has been creating new ways to entertain herself lately.  She put a tore up a papertowel she found and put it in the dog water bowl, then fished out the wet clumps.  Fortunately that seems to have bored her because she hasn't done it again - yet.
Oh my goodness.  However did toilet paper get on the stairs?!!
Paper seems to be the new toy.  I cut some of the worn out weaving packing paper from the roll and tossed it over the rail to take to the trash later.  I let her play with it as long as she was interested.  I know when our kids are here, she's going to go into hiding.  I wish she weren't a shy cat so other people could enjoy her but that's just how she is.

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