Saturday, July 19, 2014

Red Rock Hounds

I was invited to Ross Creek Ranch Sunday afternoon for a social event and fund raiser for the Red Rock Hounds.
The hounds are used in an American version of fox-hunting and Lynn Lloyd is the Hunt Master - it's her ranch. She brought out a sample of dogs, which in turn brought excited horses from the field. They love fox (coyote) hunting! Note the bird on the boy's shoulder. Her name is Apple and she can imitate a horse whinney. She wasn't getting her usual share of attention so was whinneying a lot :)
The weather has hovered near the century mark for the last week. We were in the shade of huge cottonwood trees and even so it was hot. The dogs figured out how to cool down!

They take between 75-100 dogs on a hunt and the dogs absolutely love it!
Right now the ranch has about three litters of puppies. We were invited to cuddle, fall in love, name and sponsor a dog. My friend Lynne fell in love with this puppy.
Nancy Brown, one of our neighbors is a professional photographer and captured this image of contentment.
I finished the log cabin lap robe and in spite of all the struggles I had with the edges, I could not be more pleased. I've decided to weave two baby blanket next and hem them instead of fringing. I'll weave in inch, do a row of hem stitch, weave the blanket and finish it the same at the other end. The hemstitch row will be my turning row and will make a picot edge. It's a brilliant idea. The idea came to me while I was shampooing my hair in the shower this morning. Raise your hand if you've ever had a brilliant idea in the shower :)
Meanwhile, it's full-court press to finish these towels. This is the warp I wound before I went to Massachusetts and I'm only weaving red and purple towels. My inspiration is the Red Hat Ladies but I'm not going to say that - I learned my lesson! I'm calling them Bougainvillea.
I have entered one in the fair but I have to finish weaving all ten in order to hem one and get it in the mail. My friend Sue is going to take my entry in when she takes in hers, but I have to allow for time in the mail. I'm on the 7th towel now and weaving every morning.


Benita said...

A little taste of England in Nevada with that hunt. I'd have love to seen (and heard) the dogs.

I love the towels. Oh, I do hope you win something at the fair!

Valerie said...

Oh such a cute puppy!! I can almost hear the hounds barking when I look at that first picture.

The log cabin blanket looks so cozy!!

Best wishes on your fair entry!