Tuesday, July 01, 2014

It Was a Beautiful Wedding

It was a beautiful wedding. The decorations were ideas that Shannon found on Pinterest. She bought her dress on eBay for $130 and paid to have it shortened. The caterer and DJ were free, gifts from friends, so the biggest expense was tips. The minister was free (John's dad). Even the house on Cape Cod was loaned to them for this week. John's dad Paul laughed that neither of their adoptive sons have a smidgeon of Italian but are the bearers of that long name

I present to you, John and Shannon Sorrentino, parents of my beautiful great granddaughter.


Jodi said...

Best wishes to Shannon and John! Looks like a beautiful wedding (great find on that dress -- just gorgeous).

Leigh said...

What a beautiful couple! My son and daughter-in-law had a very simple wedding that cost them very little and it really added to the specialness of the day. They were the centerpiece! Not the fancy decorations, etc. Looks like it was that way for Shannon and John too.

benita said...

Congratulations to them! I wish them many happy years to be together!