Friday, October 23, 2015

My Home

Our movers arrived and were ready to deliver about 9:00 on Wednesday.  The carpet installers had been working steadily since 8:30.  Once the old carpet was removed, the stinky pet smell went with it - huge relief.
They threw themselves into the task and were done well in time for the movers to bring in furniture.
Joe the driver from Reno brought his wife and stepson who slept in the truck cabin the night before and then they became part of the delivery team.  These two are local guys and unfortunately the weird driveway meant they had a substantial carry distance which they cheerfully negotiatied.  Joe and family were looking forward to dropping the trailer at an RV park on Hwy 97, driving up into Lake Paulina with the tractor to fish and spending the night in the cabin.  I was touched by the way they made a moment out of a work trip.
The shelves were delivered yesterday and I'm looking forward to filling them.  I took some time today to unbox some of my books, just because I've missed them.  I love the shelves!  Houses built in this era are notorious for limited storage, according to the plumber.  None of them have linen closets which is proving a challenge as I unpack.  We're going to need to buy a shelving unit for the kitchen too.  The plumber installed the new water heater yesterday morning.  He said the 25-year-old unit was ready to go, which was our concern. The sellers had done a lot of updating but that wasn't one of them.
Last ngiht was our first night here.  The dogs have been with us all along while we stayed with our kids but Maddie has been kenneled for a month and was really happy to be with us again.  She checked things out and then checked them out again, then finally came for a snuggle while I read.

I came out to the great room this morning, exhausted and barely awake.  I was startled to see a tortoise-shell cat staring in through the glass door and I freaked out.  After everything it took to kennel her for a month, to have her slip outside when Ian let the dogs out to pee was crushing.  I went outside and tried to entice her back in, and while she talked to me, she wouldn't come to me.  Ian was able to catch her but couldn't get the door open when she scrambled down, claws out.  We were upset to say the least.  I went back to unpacking, trying to get some of the areas cleared out so we can move around.  I tackled a miscellaneous pile of boxes in the guest bedroom and after I emptied a few she squirmed out from her hidey hole.  She had never been outside but was hibernating.  The cat belonged to a neighbor, poor kitty.  Figure the odds on that - two torties in two houses.  I had never seen one like Maddie before I had Maddie and now we have a lookalike.

Lots to deal with as we adjust and adapt.  The dryer they left was left for a reason.  Ian has ordered one from Sears which will come on Wednesday.  I'm kicking myself now for leaving our appliances, but I still love this house and I absolutely love Bend.  I especially love not living in the 40th parallel with the constant wind anymore.  It's more humid here so the cold feels colder but my contact lenses are thanking me.  Matt popped in today to fix the dining room table I broke.  I've never had the luxury of  being so close to my boys.

Here's the state of my studio.  It's going to be a great space.


LA said...

And the adventure continues!!! Funny story about Maddie...I'm sure she is still getting used to the new house, too! You'll have that studio up and running before too long.

bspinner said...

Looks like you moved into a beautiful home. I can't wait to see the pictures when you have it completely furnished.

Robin said...

So glad you are happy with your move!!

Theresa said...

Looks like a lovely home complete with Maddie stand in! Hope we get the nickel cyber tour when you're ready. :-)
Welcome to Oregon!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Glad that was not your Maddie on the outside looking in!

karensspinzen said...

Welcome home!
It'll truly be yours when you get to sit at your loom. I hope that time comes, soon!