Friday, May 20, 2016

Enjoying Nature

One of our neighbors told me that she and her husband like to walk along the irrigation canal to downtown, have breakfast, look around and then walk back home.  I don't want to walk that far but thought it would be fun to see how far I got using the Map My Walk app on my phone.
I got this far, right behind Nottingham Village, a housing area without fences and with big lawns where the geese have made themselves at home.  They were doing the "polite" nodding and ducking but I never got to the hissing part because this is where I turned around.  Geese are real bullies, especially when they have goslings and there were many.  I'll wait a while before trying this again - after the goslings become geese.
We came home from Logan's baseball game Wednesday and were greeted by this buck in velvet, nonchalantly munching grass in our front yard, the unfenced part. I took this from the car figuring he'd bolt any second.
We pulled the car into the garage, he moved across the driveway and went back to eating.
I finished the birthday scarf and was pleasantly surprised by the iridescence.  The color is actually more maroon but the camera likes purple best I guess.  A steady and loose easy beat is still not second nature for me and I need to work on that next time.
And next time will be this.  I ordered these two 630-yard skeins of 6/2 hand-dyed bamboo from Yarntopia Treasures on Etsy.  I've heard a lot of positive comments from other weavers on Facebook and certainly the price was right - $12 per skein and $4.50 in shipping from New Mexico.
I'll use 8/2 Tencel as weft - still thinking about colors.
Weaving time is in serious competition with the beautiful outdoors.


Michelle said...

Wow, I may have to get a skein of that bamboo to knit a shawl!

Cindie said...

The scarves from those skeins are going to be stunning - love the colors

LA said...

I often have deer in my front yard...I find it peaceful (even though they munch through all the hostas!) That looks like a lovely walking path!

Theresa said...

Be wary of those urban deer, they have had people attacked and dogs injured and killed in town. It now carries a stiff fine for feeding them. I'm betting the raccoons and skunks will be protesting loudly too, but they are a bit more resourceful.

We've had crappy weather down here in the mountains, rain, snow, cold, wind. Spring as it should be! Better this than going into summer right from winter like we did last year. They called fire season early in June last year.