Saturday, May 07, 2016


I make a mistake on this warp that I've never done before.  I usually warp with stripes so with a solid color I was very careful to use a counting thread and recount the total threads at the end of each bout.  Yet I wound 19" instead of 20".  I lied to myself!  I didn't notice it until I got to the center and realized I didn't have enough to make the check pattern that appears on both corners, so I punted.and treadled one Block A, two Block 2 until I had used up those threads.
Next I tried red and I could see it kinda has a counterpane look so instead of making a long stripe down the center, I wove Block B until I had created a solid red block.  But I miscalculated the size of these two patterns and ended up using an extra 2 inches of my precious warp
If the first two samples are Papa Bear and Mama Bear then this one is Baby Bear, because I got it just right.  I will have to finish these another day though as yard work was calling me outside, and tomorrow our family is getting together to celebrate Mother's Day at McMenamin's.  Reversations are for 11:30.  I'm really anxious to see these finished and hemmed.
 I worked on this until 1:00 when I could no longer stand my hunger.  This is two hours of work.  The water feature is in the back and it's the area in front of that I am working on first.  Because of the underground maze of drip lines I have to be very cautious when I dig and use a hand trowel but I got ten more plants in the ground today.  Fortunately the soil is very easy to dig in but boy does the grass absolutely hate being pulled.  The large plaster duck is guarding my just-planted lavender from careless dogs.  We've talked about just mowing this grass now and deal with it next year when it starts to grow again.

I know I'm probably not supposed to do two hours of yard work yet.  And it was rigorous work - my Fitbit buzzed 10,000 steps while I was still working.  My incision is healed and nearly invisible, the follow-up appointment with my surgeon is Tuesday morning, and it's then that I will be referred to a medical oncologist and find out what comes next.


Theresa said...

Nice samples! I'm just starting in on my crackle project. Rotating three shuttles is interesting. Why not just hire someone to remove that grass and anything else large and overwhelming. I am preparing to do battle with the clover in my garden bed. It over runs everything in the spring and I had a lot of plant loss this past winter.
I bought a Fitbit One, love the thing.

Annie said...

I like your towels! We have a lot in common: I'm also weaving towels in this same technique, fighting the grass in our yard and celebrating mother's day...
I don'rt write or read many blogs lately, but just had a look at yours. Best wishes, Annie

karensspinzen said...

I like the look of all of your samples! As I play with my drawloom, I'm learning that sampling is teaching me so much about design. Maybe I can get to a place where I create by design instead of by following others' patterns.
I wanted to thank you for your book recommendations. I'm reading "The Oregon Trail" and really enjoying it!