Monday, June 27, 2016

So Much Going On

Little Sharon and Noah came up from San Francisco, arriving the same day that Petey left.  We went back to Tumolo Falls - it's too spectacular to miss.  Sharon and Noah rode with Missy and Logan.  Logan came because he wanted to drive so Noah got to ride shotgun and the girls visited in the backseat.  Then the next day they went to Sharc, a water park in Sun River, and I think everyone had a good visit in spite of it being so short.

Chrissie and her family will arrive on Friday to spent a week.  Friday is Kiernan's 17th birthday which we will celebrate with a barbecue.  I am so looking forward to Friday.  I haven't seen my daughter and her family since last September - can't wait!

Sunday Ian and I went to our tai chi school for their annual open house and we are both so glad we did.  It went from noon to 3:00 and cemented our commitment to this discipline.  The school teaches Waishu to the kids because, as our instructor explained, tai chi is too slow and boring for them.  It's an acrobatic form of martial arts and best of all the kids absolutely love it.  Of all days to happen, my phone, i.e., camera, ran out of juice - kicking self.  The most important video for me was the adults 32 form with swords.  Bummer.  We're going to enroll in the form 8 class starting in August and put all the exercises we've been learning into practice.
My weaving has suffered in all of this activity but the space-dyed bamboo yarn scarf is finally finished.
And my sample 8-shaft tea towels are finished and since there's a treading error, I'm not selling them. I just wanted an excuse to keep them.  They really fit our kitchen.  This week I was skimming through past Handwoven issues and found the one with the weave-along for this draft that I thought was my own original idea.  They did it in 2011.  It just goes to show you that there is nothing new under the sun.
I've started winding another warp for dishtowels with these colors to weave on Maudie Mae.
Both looms are empty so I'm going to use this 3/2 cotton and get a baby blanket warp on Arthur.  My plans are vague to me right now, but I have my pondering cap on.  I guess it's pretty apparent what my favorite colors are, not that you'd see me wear any of them.

Meanwhile I'm receiving several "alternative therapy" opportunities, free to me through the Cancer Center, including the Reiki appointment I have in the morning. These are offered to me as a radiation patient but it's my neck that's enjoying the benefit.  I'm also enrolled in private two-hour sessions of Restorative Yoga once a week, also for neck mobility.  I am half way through radiation with a targeted end date of July 20th.  I'm going to celebrate that day by planting a cool plant, yet to be determined.


Theresa said...

Gosh, you certainly are busy and enjoying the new digs! Glad you have a chance to try the alternative therapies. Let us know how they go!

Valerie said...

Hi Sharon, Wow you are so busy and you still make time to blog! It sounds like you are taking great care of yourself through this cancer tx journey. Sending lots of healing prayers to go along with those efforts.

Lovely weaving too!

Michelle said...

I love your choice of celebration! SO much better than, say, eating an entire chocolate cake. ;-)

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Fun, busy, creative and healing times. Sounds wonderful.
Glad you are enjoying the move and life is good.