Friday, August 26, 2016

The Days Dwindle Down

I finished the first set of baby blankets and ran them through the washer and dryer.  They were so linty that I had to clear the lint trap four times.  I didn't have time to babysit the dryer again so had to wait until the next day to run them through a second time.
 I hemstitched them leaving 3" between blankets, then sliced them apart with a rotary cutter.  I'm really pleased with them but they were beyond tedious.  All the color changes had two ends for each color so it required a very careful haircut on both selveges.
I've never woven anything with so much lint and snippets.  I'll be looking for another way to weave colorful baby blankets after this.
Ian and I went to the Art in the High Desert show today down on the river which is a juried show with artists from all the western states.  I was mostly curious, telling myself that I don't need any more stuff, but it's really fun to see all the creativity.
Apparently I did need something - this small leather purse from Salt Lake City.
I've been thinking about a tiny purse for our trip to New York in October.  It'll hold my phone and leather coin purse that I'll use for cash and a credit card, but what sold me was this small pouch just under the flap that will be perfect for quick access to my subway pass.
There weren't many floaters when we first got there but by the time we started walking back to the car, the river was full of them.  These kids were having the time of their lives.
It was 1:00, we were hungry and hot, and there was a shaded table available on the patio at Pastini's, so we had a pasta lunch, watched the floaters on the river and the occasional pedal cab roll by piled high with laughing families.  In another month we won't be eating outside anywhere until next Spring.  It will be September next week!
As you can see there's not a whole lot of weaving going on, but I am steadily pecking away at this set of dishtowels.
And I'm slowly but steadily getting an eight-shaft huck lace baby blanket warp on Arthur, my 40" Gilmore.  I got all eight shafts tied up before we left this morning and threaded for a little while after we got home.  To be continued......


LA said...

The art fair yielded a treasure!!! That purse is perfect for your trip! That's what I love about will always wait for plod along!

Nina said...

I love the colours of the baby blankets. While fussy to make, they sure are beautiful. I do like the small purse. After using a larger messenger bag for years, I made a small bag for myself and it just fit perfectly. The weaving won't go anywhere, doesn't complain and is always ready for you when you get back to it. Enjoy :)

karensspinzen said...

The baby blankets are wonderful!