Thursday, October 06, 2016

My Favorite Month

I took a class last Sunday on how to print with Japanese woodcuts which A6 was offering as part of their exhibition of Japanese Prints.  Several classes were offered during the time Ian and I were supposed to be on vacation so I had grabbed this on, the only one available to me.
This was my first try.  While the perfect one on the left is a computer image, mine suffers from a slip in the registration, good lesson.  Using three lino blocks (cut by the staff) we printed three different images. I had so much fun that I signed up for the two-day class the end of this month on how to cut your own woodblocks.  I'm calling it a birthday present to myself.  Oh man, I love October.  Lucky me that I was born in the best month of the year.
I came home to see what wood tools I have and they're pretty dated plus I know they're dull.  I was really into the 60s Mother Earth ideal and made Christmas and greeting cards from lino blocks. I pretty much quit after my divorce but the interest never died, hence all my old blocks. Amy Shannon is making marvelous things with woodblocks so I asked her for advice on wood tools.
She sent me a link to this set which I ordered and now have, so now it's hurry up and wait until October 29th.
I finished weaving the baby blankets and can't help think they look like a cross between bandages and a bedspread.
Very often the magic needed is a press with this dandy mega-iron.
I made three - 30", 35" and 40"

I'm going to tag them as baby blanket/lap robe and see if I can get any interest at the holiday sale. The press sure makes the huck pattern shine and it's disappointing to think that once it's washed, unless it's pressed it will look like a Red Cross bandage because after all, who wants to iron a baby blanket?!
I thought I saw antlers in the brush by the garage when Ian and I headed out to tai chi Wednesday morning.  When I walked around the car to check, this guy stood up and when we drove out, he just watched us go.

There's no change on Ian's medical situation - we're still in a watch and wait mode.  I concluded my fourth week in physical therapy today.  My PT session is now coupled with an acupuncture session. It's pretty exhausting and progress is slow but it's finally progress - finally!


LA said...

I think your blankets are beautiful!!! There's nothing to compare to being wrapped in love in a handwoven blanket!!!

Nina said...

The wood cuts and printing looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see what you do next with these. The nice thing about photos, is that sometimes they hide what you see. I think the pictures make the blankets look cuddly, soft and very pretty.