Friday, January 27, 2017

And More Print Making

I had to carve the rest of the block here at the house.  I've got it on a piece of non-slip rug backing to keep it from sliding around while I'm using those very sharp tools.
I kept in mind that this is a class exercise and didn't beat myself up too much about the carving.  I only had a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and a couple more this morning.
I was working like a madwoman trying to carve out as much of the background material as time would allow.  I learned a lot about my tools through this exercise and really appreciated the .12 mm u-gouge that I splurged on.
Pat had me first print on the sepia prints that I had made last Monday evening.  I makes me think of music somehow.
And then for my record she had me print just the block in black ink.
These were the two prints combining watercolor and the inked block.  Actually, it's not water color - it's acrylic.  I am not a painter and simply couldn't get the hang of watercolor.  I misregistered the print on the right which left a space of white across the top and left side.
I brought it home with me to mix up some more acrylics and fill in those gaps.  It has a South American feel to me.  I weave a lot of towels using the colors of Fiesta Ware and without even thinking about it, chose those same colors for this print.  Tomorrow is the class critique, the second lecture and the next class exercise.  I hope it's as much fun and this one was!

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Maggie said...

It looks like a sewing machine to me. In fact, if I went to your show, I'd buy it to hang in my studio!