Sunday, December 10, 2017

New Tricks

The problem was me!  I was reading the threading order as the treadling order.  I had done the same thing when I attempted Crackle and somewhere in my subconscious that trickled to the surface.  It looks much different when you do it right.  I have very little time to weave this month so I’m glad to have this on track for when I can get back to it.

I’m going to back to where I started in printmaking, to LinoCuts.  It’s what attracted me in the 70s and it’s what attracted me last October.  I’m doing a series of “exercises.” The good news about these is that I can do the carving during my four-hour volunteer shift since they’re Interruptable.  I’m going to participate in a group buy of the photopolymer plates after the first of the year and have several photos that I’m anxious to print up and ink in color.  Until then, I’ll doodle on.

So this happened on Friday morning.

This is how it looked styled by my hairdresser Christina.

And this is what is looks like styled by me.  It has continue to become more curly every since my accident four years ago.  Curly hair is an entirely new experience for me but it’s nice to have the weight of all my hair gone, plus it used to take hours to dry.  It’s still thick but now it’s dry within 90 minutes.  I’m learning a new way of life, new tricks for this old dog!

I had penciled myself in for three hours of printing time in the studio and went there after my haircut.  Paula was cleaning up, getting ready to leave and asked me if I’d like to try her palette, colors that are totally her but that I’d never think to put together in a million years.  I was planning to print a chine colle plate so said, why not?  Sure!!

I’m glad she asked.  It pushed me completely out of my comfort zone and it was a great challenge for me.  More new tricks.


LA said...

Was your hair curly when you were a child??? Just wondering...I've always thought it would be cool to have curly hair since my is stick straight!!! Isn't it always that way??? You have a bunch of fun new projects...keep up the good work.

Michelle said...

You STILL have a lot of hair; it must have gotten REALLY long! And here I thought you'd gone short....

Nina said...

I love your new hair style! The out of comfort zone colour print is really interesting.

Anonymous said...
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