Monday, April 09, 2018

April Showers

I finally got the loom warped but boy am I glad I warped from the front for this one.  I miscounted and had to insert corrections in about four places.  I am already planning my next tartan and I will play close attention this time!
Linda Davis, our instructor, gave us each a square PostIt note and had us fold it diagonally as a tool to help us beat to square.  It's so simple.  Just line up the bottom with a lateral line and it's immediately apparent whether or not your beat is correct.  I used it constantly in class and I'm still using it at home.
I finally finished it today.  I love it!
I sold about five pounds of roving which was really freeing, the letting go and also the freeing up storage space.  This is three pounds and the very last of our Shetland colored fleece.  Vacuum-seal bags are the ticket to shipping roving.  It made all the roving that I still have seem more manageable. 
Friday morning I dug through all the handspun yarn that I've complained about storing because I don't have enough for one project.  I found three skeins of the gray Merino in a bag that said "not fulled" and that with the fulled yarn in another bin came to a pound.  It's from a hogget Merino I bought when Linda Loken still lived in Reno, bought from Wayne Jesko and sent off for processing to Morro Fleeceworks.  The white is 17 micron Merino, also from Wayne and I don't know where he had it processed.  I have enough for a yoked sweater.
I browsed Ravelry and found this pattern, another one from Heidi Kirrmaier.  I realize that Ravelry makes it easier to find a pattern that matches up with the gauge of my handspun yarn.
I have about four pounds of processed\ Cormo/Corriedale that's a brown/black, also processed by Morro Fleeceworks, and just like that, I'm spinning again.  It's like riding a bicycle.  I still know how, even with this long hiatus.
This was the second nice day of this year and I probably shouldn't have spent so much time weaving, but I still did find a couple hours this afternoon to sit outside.  I had planned to finish my book but my Kindle died so I read the library's copy of Women's Work: the first 20,000 years instead. The birds were great company.  I even had this robin join me briedly for a bath in our pond.  It rained quite a bit last week and is in the forecast for tomorrow, but you know what they say about April showers?!


Theresa said...

Pretty scarf! I try to spend my wind down time in the evening either spinning or inkle weaving. Spinning is the most relaxing of the two.
We had spring here too. Snow possible later in the other words, mud season. ;-)

Nina said...

Love the scarf! Also, I love the book Women's work, the first 20,000 years. So interesting and I found it a compelling, and easy read. I'm reading it a second time right now!

LA said...

I'm so glad that you are spinning again...and what a lovely project to work on with your handspun! I love that book, too. I need to pull it back out and refresh my's been awhile!

Cindie said...

Your scarf is wonderful - it turned out great - love those colors!

re'New said...

Currently my favorite colors - pretty scarf!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post-it tip, I am now using it for summer and winter squares. Hermi

karensspinzen said...

The scarf looks perfect and perfectly square! Did you wash it? And it shrank in both directions to that same square?