Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Six of our seven kids converged for several days during the third week of August for BrewFest, all except daughter Chris whose job wouldn’t let her get away.  You can imagine how she felt!  It wasn’t a long range plan, just something that came together and boy did we have fun.

And four of our seven grandkids came too.

Gavin, our youngest, celebrated his fifth birthday with us.

We continue to have other visitors - mom and twins still hang out in our yard a lot.

I had a surprise visitor to my sunflower, a scrub jay who cleaned out all the seeds.  I’m pleased actually since my goal in planting our yard was to attractor pollinators, and I have.  I planted ten sunflower seeds and two grew.  Knowing that they’ll feed the birds, I’ll plant a lot more next year.

And speaking of birds, every-so-often a songbird will hop around in the bush outside our window.  We can have birds because she doesn’t go outside.  This is as close as she gets.

Our growing season is very close to its end.  We changed our approach to tomatoes this year and have gotten more than ever before.  Having them in pots on the patio we’ve been able to easily cover them on cold nights.  So far so good.

It’s been busy but everything is starting to wind down and school starts next week.  This Friday is probably my last at the High Desert Museum living history ranch house for this summer.  They’ll be open on weekends-only after Labor Day.  We have the last of our company this weekend and I’ve gotten this far on a weaving project to kick off the fall weaving season.  It’s simply not feisable to weave in the summers and after two months off, I made a lot of silly mistakes, but now all that’s left is to sley the reed, lash on and start throwing the shuttle.  These are placemats for us and if I like them I’ll make an alternative set in different colors.

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