Saturday, August 04, 2018

On the beach

Our destination for the last part of our vacation was Yachats, pronounced YaHawts, and this AirB&B for the last three days of our trip.  Because of the extreme heat inland the fog bank had come ashore and our plans of long walks on the beach were stymied.

After having a separate room to herself all along Alexia good naturedly accepted the futon in the living room which was rather unfortunate since it was colder outside than we had packed for and the cottage got quite small at times.  We saw lots of down jackets and caps in use.

We tried to take Lexi to all the things we have enjoyed in this area over the years, like lighthouses and tide pools.  Lexi had said all along she didn’t want to visit light houses or tide pools.

We hiked up to Heceta Head lighthouse, one of our favorites but it’s closed for the month of July so we had to content ourselves by looking at the outside.

True to her word, Lexi was not impressed or interested.  She had more fun playing with the dog.

We should have listened to her from the start.  She had been researching the things she wanted to see and once we let her pick, she was informative and interested again.  This is Thor’s Well and best seen at high tide or storms so we timed our visit for high tide.  It was cold and windy but she loved it.

Her absolute favorite spot of all was the Cape Perpetua lookout.  From here we could see Cook’s Chasm and Thor’s Well, where we had just come from.

We took the circular hike from the parking lot to this WPA-era lookout.  There’s a lot of CC construction along the coast like this.  It was put to use during WWII as a lookout for enemy submarines.

This bridge was also built during the WPA era.

We got home on Wednesday and Friday we were back at the High Desert Museum ranch house for her last time this summer.  Her parents drove up from Reno and all of our family got to spend the weekend together, then it was time to go home.  Oh my goodness, how the time flew!  And speaking of time flying, on Monday she’ll start high school as a freshman!

Thursday morning (the day before yesterday) I demonstrated at the county fair for our guild with both my spinning wheel and a drop spindle.  I checked on my entries and as I had thought, my sweater received no acknowledgement.

These were the judge’s comments, and yes, the sleeves are a different gauge since the body was knit from triple ply and the sleeves double ply.  Since all the yarn was spun over ten years ago I can’t remember why I switched in the middle like that and of course, there’s no more wool left.

This on the other hand was a complete and utter surprise.  I hadn’t actually entered it, but last Monday but Mary Wonser dropped off a fair admission pass, she lamented that entries were way down this year.  I felt bad since I had only entered two items.  She said that if I had anything else, that she could enter it for me, so we went upstairs and she picked out three more items, this being one of them.  I passed it over since it’s such a simple project, but it pleased the judge and that’s what counts.

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