Monday, October 29, 2018


Matt and I are both working on deadlines, his to finish the bathroom in October and me to be ready for the Guild Holiday Sale this coming Saturday.  While we were in SoCal he cut floor tiles into 2” squares and set them into the shower pan and painted the walls with a waterproof membrane to seal out moisture.  That large tile on the floor into 2” squares!  It boggles my mind and I’m sure it took all day to cut them on his ceramic saw and seat them.  If you look closely you’ll see he’s carved SFG into the mud in the middle of the shower lip, honoring his favorite team, the San Francisco Giants.  He says there are houses all over Bend with his special tribute.

I got the sunrise towels off the loom and got a little help from my studio assistant as I prepared to hem them.

Meanwhile, I got my order of Brassard 8/2 cotton, my part of a group buy that reduced the price to about $15 per pound.  You can’t beat that price but we only do it once a year and it’s hard to plan ahead.  I am no longer using the 8/2 cotton from UKI and unfortunately I have a lot of it.  I’m going to talk to a couple of the other weavers who are making this same move and see if they have any ideas how we can put it to use or who we can give it to.

I liked the Brassard medium blue so much I decided to wind another Fiesta(ware) warp.  I’ve converted to warping from the back but have gone back to winding it in six 3” bouts.  I’ve found that it preserves the color order and thread count.  And it also lets me move the bouts around if I discover that I don’t like the color order as planned, and in this case I did just that.  I had put the red and orange in the center and realized that I had a whole lot of green and blue together, so I moved it to the side and put the teal and yellow in the middle.

Matt came back on Saturday and got more tile installed.  He worked the entire day, from 9:00-6:30 to reach his stopping point, then called us back to ask us a question.

There was no question.  He had something to give us - these packets of candy.  I have hoped for years that they would have a baby and my wish will come true this April.  I cried.  They are still in process of telling everyone so mum is the word until after they make the announcement on Facebook, but I’m telling you because I know my family doesn’t read my weaving blog.  I have to tell someone!!  Another granddaughter - so excited!!!!!

I got the sunrise towels washed and pressed Saturday morning and my loom warped again that afternoon.

Here’s Matt, still working, and if he looks tired, that’s because he is.  He worked all day Saturday and then all day Sunday.

We had matinee theater tickets yesterday and went out to eat afterwards with another couple.  When we got home the shower was finished!  The grout has to set for three days and if we want to, we can buy a tension rod and shower curtain until the glass door is fabricated and installed. Since we still don’t have a sink in here, we’ve decided to continue using the upstairs bathroom.  It’s going to be another couple of weeks before Matt can get back to finish the sink.  It’s beautiful already!  This is his first total remodel using his own design and he’s really happy with the results as are we.

This morning I finished dressing my loom and have woven four towels and started the fifth.  I have several obligations this week but if I am careful, I can have all ten woven and hemmed for the show this Saturday.  This is my last sales opportunity this year and if I don’t have them at the show I can’t sell them.  That’s motivation!


Michelle said...

Oh, congratulations to you and to Matt and his wife!!! He does beautiful work; you might have to be in the Tour of Homes next year. ;-) And YOU do beautiful work (the apple doesn't fall far from your tree); I bet you'll sell everything you take!

Nina said...

Lovely new bathroom! I thought it was interesting about your comments on UKI cotton. A few years ago I spoke with a weaver who said she ONLY uses UKI for her tea towels. I do love your towel colours... so bright and pretty.