Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I threw in the towel

I took a Crackle Weave class three years ago from Susan Wilson and I also bought her book.  I used a direct tie-up loom in the workshop which functions like a table loom, which added a dimension of difficulty to the class.  Instead of tackling it again on my floor loom when I got home I let the trail go cold.  I tried it again last year using an article from Handwoven but had the same problems, mostly loops on the backside.  I’ve been branching out and trying things with a greater degree of difficulty so decided to try it again.
One of things that gives Crackle all the colors is the use of three shuttles.  I just couldn’t get any kind of rhythm going to finally decided to just weave with one shuttle and thought things were going swimmingly until I checked the back.  More loops!  Not as many as with three shuttles but still unacceptable.  I cut the warp off and retensioned it.
I wove along happily, trusting the fixing the tension had fixed the problem.  It hadn’t.

This is the back side and I’m not interested in hand sewing all those loops.
I gave it to Maddie and she was quite pleased with it.  That’s about all it’s good for.  I wasted two days and didn’t even get one single towel.  I know when it’s time to quit.
Today is my volunteer shift at the art gallery so in the back of my mind I kept wondering what I could do with the remaining warp.  I mean I really like the colors together.  This idea came to me when I was driving home and I do think it’s attractive.  I can see the results of threading errors but I think in this came they’ll come out in the wash.
Meanwhile I have started winding another warp in zinnia colors.  I’m out of my favorite go-to colors and really need to make an order soon.

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Sharon said...

I once again am having problems with the Blogger apps for iPad. All my photos are in my iCloud library which is nearly impossible to use on my laptop. It requires each photo be downloaded into Photoshop and saved to a file before I can upload it into a blog post. I’m exploring ways to migrate to Typepress - hopefully soon.