Friday, November 17, 2006

Booga Bags

Booga Bags are a free pattern available on the Internet. These are the two bags I've just finished. The one on the left is from overdyed grey Romney and the one on the right is overdyed Coopworth on the bottom and Border Leiscester as blue on the top. I'm still not sure about combining different wools because of different felting properties. The Coopworth definitely felts better than the Border Leiscester, but on the other hand, the BL has a wonderful halo. The problem is that since it felts less, the bag is wider on the top.

I now have four finished bags. A couple of people I work with have expressed interest in buying a bag so I'll take them in for them to see. The purples/blues in the left foreground bag are from Lambs Pride and the green in handspun. The gold in the right foreground bag is handspun yarn from Merino commercial top but the blue is something I dyed. It's cool because the blue didn't felt as well and is a raised welt in the bag. What's my favorite bag?

This is the first bag I ever made and I carry it every day. The blue and purple are Romney and the top is Salish/Coopworth. In my quest for successul fibers to combine, I still like my first attempt. I think it's funny that the sheep breeds that are the worst for sweaters are the best for purses. Either way, I have plenty of wool to spin up and four sheep growing more as I type.

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Birdsong said...

I use the Booga I got from my Knit Sock Kit Swap pal almost every day, carrying my latest small knitting project. It is just plain a great pattern. You have come up with some lovely color combos, though I am with you on better felting results if I stick to the same kind of yarn.