Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dorothy Was Right~

It's good to be home! A week ago we drove to the airport in this. The forecast was for a high of 68 everywhere we were going. I believed it and packed accordingly. I even at the last minute removed my sandals and tennis shoes to make room for a lined raincoat. Of course, we got Santa Ana conditions the whole time.

I'm at my SIL's in Oceanside in long pants and the only non-winter shirt I took and borrowed hat. The days were spectacular and I had a moment of wondering why we ever left SoCal. I remembered when we got on the freeway to go back to the airport.

I hope you can see by their clothes why I'm whining about being hot. I hate packing for every trip we take because I always goof up, but I've never ever mispacked as badly at this time. The picture is flanked by the groom and bride who drove up to join us for lunch. They left for their honeymoon in New York the following morning.

The reason for the trip - the groom and bride. They're pretty special~

The fog burned off early because of the Santa Ana conditions. This is a morning picture - rather unusual for May.

I love beach sunsets. I miss the ocean but I do love the mountains. It's a trade off. When you subtract the freeway traffic, I'm ahead.


Jodi said...

I love that last beach picture! It looks like a great trip despite the mispacking.

margene said...

There is nothing like VISITING the beach. It's wonderful and you think you want to stay you said...

Birdsong said...

Welcome home and Happy Mothers Day! I love the photo of the sunset and hope you will share how the wedding went.