Sunday, May 20, 2007

Need a New Hat Pattern

Three more hats for the store. I want to take six down on Friday so need to get cracking. I'll finish another tonight, then after the next two, it's time to come up with another hat pattern. This one no longer amuses me. I just got my check from the store and see that I don't have many hats left - a victim of my own success. I love to see how they work up - wonderful TV knitting. Unfortunately, because I use ten inch DP needles, these hats don't make good travel knitting. That's what socks projects are good for!

Sadly, Amy and I didn't have many people come to our library program. If it weren't for the knitters, we wouldn't have had anyone at all. Actually, the library was pretty empty today. I think graduation is stiff competition. Next time I'm asked to do an event, I'll check the community calendar.


woolydaisy said...

hi s, your hats are gorgeous! is that handspun? thanks for the technical help-i do have the new version-guess i really am a techno tard-seems like now i have to push the allow comments button every time i post-i never had to before??????

Jodi said...

Bummer about the poor attendance at the program. You're probably right about graduation though -- it's the season, and soon it will be wedding season, too.

Love the hats!

cindy said...'ve been productive!!!I like the colorways. Did you use some of your handspun?

Birdsong said...

Your hats are wonderful! Check out some of the back issues of Knitty and the other online magazines for ideas to help you tweak the success you already have going and keep you interested. Sorry about the low attendance after all your hard work the other day. At least you will both be ready for the next program.

Leigh said...

Sharon, thanks for alerting me to the missing comment link on my last blog post. That post sat around as a draft for several days and I probably turned the comments off when I updated the posting date.

Your hats are truly works of art. I wouldn't think to combine such colors but you do so successfully. How did you decide on pricing? (That's something that keeps me from actually trying to sell my work.)

Disappointing about your program, but it sounds like folks had a lot going on. Better luck next time (???)

Leigh said...

Thanks so much for the hat info. It's still a better price than what I could get in the little town I used to live in.

About the Bowmont. The whole story started with my Bowmont 1 post. I will have to link the series together. The short version is that I learned about it through the Online Guild. I can't compare the Bowmont yarn to Shetland yet, as I haven't worked with raw Shetland fleece before. However, that's next on my list thanks to a generous gift from Cathy! The Bowmont is not exceptionally lusterous, but moreso than the down breeds. I'd say that the breed is well worth preserving.