Friday, February 01, 2008

Fixing to Get Ready

Each time I've done a demonstration or a program, I put things on the dining room table as I think of them. I call it my Staging Area. (The blue and purple thing on the bottom left is an unfelted bag.) This all started when I told Jean, the volunteer who runs the twice-a-month beginning knitting group at the library, that I would be glad to demonstrate spinning any time she was interested. She selected the date of her birthday and I was thinking spindles and spinning wheel. that is until she came by to show me the press release she had given the newspaper.

"Join us at the Spanish Springs Library on Sunday, February 3rd, to enjoy a program by local spinner and knitter, Sharon Campbell. Sharon begins the presentation be demonstrating how to spin wool, contributed by the Shetland sheep she raised. She will spin the wool into yarn on her portable wheel and will display many of her finished projects. One of the specialities from her needles is felting. Felting is a dousing of the knitted item in hot water in a washing machine to shrink the piece. The result is a smooth finish that is magnificent to see and touch and very trendy. The regular knitting class begins at 1:30. All are welcome to this free class and demonstration."

In my shoes, wouldn't you feel a little anxious? Finished pieces?? I have only my own two felted bags, as I sold the rest. Since the focus seems to be felting and because I am a very fast knitter, I decided to see how close I can come to making a program to match her press release. I had knitted two bags when it occurred to me that what I really need are knitted and felted swatches.
These are my washed and drying swatches. I made duplicates on several of them, but will measure these against their felted outcome. I'm anxious to see what I learn. I have 24 bins, no I'm not ashamed, of fleeces in the garage and I plan to spin and sample them into felted swatches as I can get them done. I'm really excited about this venture. It all started by a post that I saw on Sara's blog a year or two ago.

This came in the mail today. I had admired Jodi's Tulip baby sweater. She told me that she had purchased the pattern twice and offered to send me the duplicate. I love it! I think it's going to be as easy as a BSG, unique and a perfect use for leftover yarns, of which I have - what you think I don't have any leftover yarns?????


Barbara C. said...

The time is 1:30? Would love to come but it does depend on the weather.

cindy said...

I love the way you set a table!!!

Congratulations! You make my day! Check out my blog.........I've given you the Make My Day Award :)))

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

LOL I love the 'no, I'm not ashamed' remark, I am going to have so much fun at your house!!

Valerie said...

Uhm....I think we have an over achiever here at "In Stitches"!

Just 24 bins of unspun fiber? I measure mine in pounds......84 pounds of clean, ready to spin fiber. And notice I haven't posted a thing about spinning in awhile.

Michelle said...

That Tulips jacket looks very similar to a BSJ, which can also be made with leftover yarns. So how is it significantly different?