Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mt Lassen National Park

Last weekend we ran (hah) over to Redding, a three-hour drive, to watch grandson CJ play football. This is CJ's senior year and he is now getting academic and sports scholarship offers. Since we're retired, we finally get to see him play. We drove home, taking a side trip through Lassen National Park.

We have talked about driving through the park forever, but this time we did it, though I did wince at the $10 price tag. This is Lake Ellen - one of the many lakes and a convenient "convenience" stop.
We were lucky to have unseason-
able weather. The water is so clear that from our point of view, you can see see though the water all the way to the shoreline rocks.
Lassen is known as an area of volcantic activity, and I think people people forget that it also has glacial history. Here you can see an erratic and also the glacial polish on nearby stones.
If you look closely (really, you must click for big) you can see how the glaciers slid across these stones and wore them off to be the truncated rocks that they are today. This really is a geologically young area.
I took about a hundred pictures and it has been so hard to parse them into a few. This is a plug. It's an extrusion from the lava source and had dirt around it which wasn't as durable. Thus, you see it - a plug.
The vent from this sulfurous steam hole is beyond descrip-
tion. It's like farts on steroids - I actually stood in front of it so I know this. I'm a good sport but not enough for that picture.

Boiling mud, anyone? It's right across the roadway from the steam vents. You can see the shadow of the protective fence - a reminder that Lassen is an active volcano.

We parked and walked back to see it - scary and marvelous. We want to go back and take some of the hikes. We're retired. Next year. Snow is in the forecast.


Theresa said...

It's a pretty neat place! Great pictures Sharon and you did get a beautiful weekend for your stop.
How was the game???

margene said...

The water is an amazing color and that means the sky must be too. What a wonderful place to hike and play.

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Great photos! Makes me want to paint...

Lee said...

Those are some amazing photos! The textures and the blues are just gorgeous..

Sharon said...

I forgot the important part. CJ's team won - they're going to the playoffs. He had over 300 yards rushing. He *loves* this game.

beadlizard said...

That's a lot of yardage -- yay CJ!

Haven't been to Lassen since I was a kid (and it was free back then). Thanks for sharing the neat photos.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Beautiful Sharon! Glad you got to go see him play finally.

bspinner said...

I'm sure happy you spent the $10.00to go through Lassen!!! Great tour and beautiful pictures. Isn't nature amazing?

Jodi said...

So beautiful! I think the Golden Eagle pass is the way to go if you actually do get around to national parks. We used to get them, but not so much the past few years.

Life Looms Large said...

Gorgeous pictures & interesting glacial geology!! Thanks for sharing your visit with us. I've never been there.

Like the commenter before me, I'm interested in saving you money! I'm not sure of your age, but since you're retired, you might be eligible for this lifetime pass that's only $10 that gets you into all kinds of national parks & national monuments & maybe even more.

Here's a little blurb from the Lassen website.... for next time (or when you're old enough!)


Senior Pass - $10
An affordable lifetime Pass - available to U.S. Citizens and permanent residents who are 62 years and older - that provides access to recreation areas managed by five Federal agencies.

Senior passes must be purchased in person with proof of date of birth and a picture ID.

woolydaisy said...

wow! we really need to ake the kids to lassen- never been there- looks awesome!