Friday, November 06, 2009

Mexican Shawl

We got back from California last Saturday to find a postal delivery notice in our mailbox. A surprise package! A local horse rancher allows parcels to be delivered to her ranch so that we don't have to drive all the way back into town for them, so even though the post office was closed, we got our box.
My sister-in-law in Washing-
ton had sent us this shawl, hand-
woven from hand spun singles from two natural colors of wool.
The weaver is from San Miguel de Allande. She and my brother had lived there for ten years when they had a designer furniture business, prior to the market crash. Many of the things in their home come from there, and I have admired this shawl for years.
She has been going through things and passing them onto family members ever since Bob died two years ago. When we were there this summer, she and I went through photos. When I called to thank her for the shawl, she said that in cleaning things out, she came across a second shawl and knew it should belong to me. Click for big - the work blows me away.

I decided it should live here, at least for now. While it is beautiful, it is not soft. Suddenly I am awash in shawls - all the more reason to weave yardage.


Life Looms Large said...

What a great surprise package!! That's awesome. (And clicking for big was definitely worth it!)

Yardage...must mean you're getting closer to sewing with handwoven. That might count as a creative risk - it definitely would for me. Good luck!


Michelle said...

What a treasure!

Valerie said...

Oh...that is so lovely!! And perfect for that coming season which will remain unnamed. Cozy.

funny, my verification word is pread. I swear these are not random...someone has been listening to our conversation!

bspinner said...

What a touching story and beautiful shawl. It looks so different when you see it close up. Love how you have it displayed!

vlb5757 said...

The shawl is just beautifully made and I would be so excited to get a package like that. These are the kinds of things we pass down from generation to generation. Perfect!