Tuesday, January 26, 2010

University of Nevada, Reno

Ian and I went to town today. It's my first time out of the valley in a week. I emailed DD Chris to see if she was available for lunch - she was. We eat on campus where she works and then Alexia, who goes to the University kindergarten, can also join us. The photo is of Manzanita/Juniper Hall, a dorm.
I worked on campus for six years and my second position was in this building, Frandsen Human-
ities. In the irony of ironies, the woman who hired Chrissie was someone whom I had hired. I loved working on campus and so does she.
Clark Admin-
istration, across from Manzanita Lake, is the first building inside the original main entrance. It's named for Walter Van Tilburg Clark, author of The City of Trembling Leaves and The Oxbow Incident. I'm disappointed in the quality of my photos. The battery life was nearly dead and I hadn't brought a back-up. Lesson learned.
This is a layover area for Canada geese, and while they're petty to see and hear, they make a mess of the lawns and walkways, as you can see. Be careful where you step!

Lexie's lunch was a plate of pasta noodles and a huge bowl of ice cream. She is posing for me because I told her she moved too fast for my phone camera. The rest of the pictures were worse. It was such a nice visit. I helped me forget about the fatal rollover we had seen on our way to town.

The rain started last night and the snow is just about melted, leaving our yard and road deep in mud. Our world was one of ice this morning, and on the pavement, black ice. I'm glad we waited until it warmed a little before making our grocery run. How icy was it? Ian's truck slid on the driveway ice and you could see the grooves from his studded snow tires. That's how icy. And when we left in Eleanor, he put the emergency brake on at the gate and she started sliding back down the hill. Icy!!


Robin said...

Looks like a pretty campus. I bet Lexie was thrilled to eat lunch with the grown-ups!

Benita said...

Wow! With studded tires? That's slick!

What a lovely campus. I love old university buildings. Aren't you glad you hired that person way back when? :)

Kathy said...

How nice that you got to have lunch with your DD and GD. That's great, Sharon.
And the two-web-footed visitor's always make me think of my DH saying, "Slicker than s--t through a goose." It was only when I had geese and ducks that I came to understand the significance of that statement. ;)
You and Ian keep safe! We had ice too, now some rain and snow, but warm enough to keep the roadways clear, but wet.

Michelle said...

Sounds treacherous; be careful, Ian! (We won't mention Sharon, because she's RETIRED. :-)

Life Looms Large said...

We got a little taste of mud this week too - although now it's snowy again with really cold wind blowing in. I guess it's not spring yet!

I love the picture with the bowl of ice cream!!! Sounds like a great lunch!

I also used to work where there were tons of Canada Geese. Lunchtime walks were treacherous, but from afar the geese are pretty!

Our town gives us free salt for our driveways. We hate to use it for environmental reasons, and because it hurts Bailey's paws....but on super icy days we salt the hill so we don't slide off the driveway.

Stay warm!


MarcT. said...

Actually a common misconception. It's got nothing to do with Walter Van Tillburg Clark. Nor Walter Ernest Clark, UNR prez 1917-1938. No, it was a gift to the U from William Andrews Clark, Jr., in memory of his wife.

Sharon said...

Doh. Caught my Marc. Click on his link for the truth and really super pix of the campus, our alma mater, if you're so inclined. Please remember that Reno and Las Vegas have nothing in common but state boundaries and government.