Friday, June 25, 2010

Black Sheep, Final Chapter

Friday night a group of 11 from our Reno guild had dinner at Taco Loco in Eugene. This is a significant restaurant for Ian and me. Eight years ago we ate dinner here with Amy and Laura. It was Saturday and our house in Reno had gone on the market that day. Our Realtor held an open house and it sold about noon. After we ate, we went to Kinkos where we received the paperwork by fax, signed it and faxed it back. Another chapter closing.
Every year since we've gone, Susie and Dan Wilson from SuDan Ranch roast lamb for a Saturday night potluck. It's a tradition that is followed by the Shepherd's Lead, a parade of sheep being led by their shepherds, wearing something they have created from their sheep, an event that is always SRO at the arena.

My favorite event of the weekend is the wool show, but my pictures were terrible. You can see the pictures that Tina took here - she did a good job showing Judith MacKenzie work her magic, and I do mean magic.
The rain stopped long enough for dinner and we were serenaded by this wonderful, all-girls bluegrass band. A step dancer moved from the grass to behind them, where you can't see her. It was a wonderful touch and I've decided I simply have to learn how to step dance though I don't know where to start.

Valerie's right. I did purchase more than just spindles. I emailed Carolina Homespun and asked them to bring a Lendrum fast flier. My friend Allison who teaches spinning here said that this groove, deeper than the yarn, is producing drag on my fiber and since I had already worn through one wire guide, I ordered an entire replacement. It's not a fun item, but Oregon doesn't have state tax and I didn't have to pay shipping.
These aren't exactly fun, but closer. The three buttery yellow cones of 8/2 cotton were $6 each at the Russell Groeff estate sale booth. A local weaving shop also had a booth so I got more rug warp and also some copper and iron mordants - hope to use the mordants soon.
I picked up this Merino/
bamboo roving for Amy who was attending a library conference at the same time. She and Heidi share a love of purple, and I'll admit they have influenced me.
This was my splurge. I said I wasn't going to buy anything that I could make myself, and while I could certainly make this roving, I lost control when Mim showed me the four braids she had just bought from them. She's a dyeing fool, so I rationalized. I could buy four too. One day these will be two pair of socks.
I finished the baby blanket yesterday and Baby Boy Briggs was delivered this morning at 4:33. I'm delivering the blanket today, pun intended.


Michelle said...

How did I miss that you used to live in Eugene???

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I didn't even think to take a pic of the Blue Grass band! I love that kind of music, I can sit and listen to it for hours! I will in fact get to when we have the Battle Mountain Blue Grass festival next month!

Life Looms Large said...

Looks like a good final chapter to a fun event!!

Nice purchases!!

The baby blanket came out great! I love that it was finished just in time for both deliveries!! Congrats!


Robin said...

That roving looks beautiful!