Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So Long Bend

Lava flows are a distinctive feature in the city of Bend and form the path of the Deschutes River. Missy took us for a 3-mile walk on a river path. The people here are very environmentally aware and love the outdoors, note the kayakers.
These flows in some cases dammed up the river and caused diversions which have created the rapids and white water for which the river is famous. Many homeowners use the rocks present in their yards in landscaping. Josh is building a rock wall in the backyard with theirs.
Below the rapids the river meanders lazily through the city. Years ago we ate our first meal in Bend, sitting outside at the Red Robin, watching kayaks and inner tubes float by. One guy even called out a greeting and waved to us.

This was the turn around for our walk, a wooden bridge across the river, more white water and rapids upstream. The trail was crazy busy with runners, walkers and elementary school children with their teachers and parents, spending their last day of school on a field trip. Ya gotta like this place.
This is the other side of the trail - love the bench and wild flax. The temper-
atures have been below normal all week, 36 degrees this morning with a high of 64 expected and a chance of rain showers. We were lucky to get a sunny day for our walk!

The last day of school was just half day, so Josh met us for lunch, then we went to the library to get library cards and check out books. The boys signed up for summer reading club. Evan settled in to read while Mommy looked for her own books.

The library is absolutely gorgeous, with a huge childrens department. One whole corner reading area is filled with huge, very over-sized stuff bears and clearly beloved by children burrowed beneath them, buried in their own books. You can imagine how much I loved being part of that!

Group photo on our last day.


Benita said...

What an asboltely stunning place Bend is! I'm ready to move there right now!

Michelle said...

I think YOU need to move there, Sharon! It's a lot closer to Amity than NV. :-)

I do love Bend and Rick likes the drier weather there. But the cost of living (mostly real estate) is just as bad or worse than here, and of course Rick's business is here.

vlb5757 said...

Bend looks like the kind of place I would live. We always think where someone else lives is always better than we live-hence vacations! I have never been to Bend but I might have to put that on my places to visit list. Nice scenery!

Marion B. said...

The scenery looks so beautiful in Bend. Like the world is a better place. And your grandson reading... isn't it gorgious.


Wow your pics are beautiful, what a great place.

Nina said...

Incredible scenery! It sounds like a lovely community as well.

Life Looms Large said...

It looks so beautiful there! I'm glad you mentioned that it rains a's good to remind solar-powered people like me of these things!

That water just looks so inviting! Glad you had a great trip!